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Shygirl - Nymph

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Oh this is good. I am glad to see the best track on the album getting the club treatment.
  2. Where is THICC?
  3. She said it’s not coming for a while. It’s for something else unrelated to the deluxe album.
  4. “Poison” visual is out. Kinda creepy with the AI face morphing, but I love. I really hope she drops the other visuals she did for the show

  5. Obsessed with the way the bassline on the new remix sounds straight out of Boards of Canada's Roygbiv

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  6. She performed at the British Fashion Awards last night. Looking stun

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  7. He


    She was so good in Amsterdam! She can move and the little performances with the mirror and the hard hitting bops?! Truly a star.

    I was living along with all the teenagers in the crowd.
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  8. The way 'Heaven' is one of the best tracks of the year.

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  9. Legit my fave
  10. For me, that honor goes to “Wildfire.” Incredible.
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  11. Me naming the whole album. But yes "Wildfire" is so lush and unsettling at the same time. The way those strings give off this drunk vibe... everything.
  12. Not y'all highlighting my two faves as your faves.

    The collective taste displayed on this page.
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  13. I'm just obsessed with how vulnerable and horny the entire album is. The way she expresses the highs and lows of being so in love and lust with someone that you both consume each other entirely is really beautiful and dark. And ending with "Wildfire", where it doesn't feel like there's any sort of conclusion because she's still lost in this other person, was a brilliant choice.
  14. I said it when I first listened to the album, but Wildfire really does sound like something straight out of Aphex Twin's Girl/Boy EP from 1996 with the wobbly vocals and understated, unnervingly calm piano/synth contrasted with the frantic beat.

  15. The way I would question any human who doesn’t have it on their ‘Best of 2022’ playlists.
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  16. Full performance on Youtube:
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  17. I would have preferred her doing just one song (Wildfire or Poison), but I'm obsessed with the illusion of the jacket's long ass train going on and on.
  18. I need Poison feat. Vika Jigulina.
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  19. Amazing remix.

    Ovule always felt like it's destined for more and Sega opened it up. Shygirl is very Shygirl here but it makes sense. I love their mutual respect and how Sega took pieces and bits of the original and a massive bassline to make this into something special. I love it. And I am sooooo happy for Shygirl because she seems to be a massive fan and this to happen most likely is otherworldly for her. It fits both artists.

    Also it's been a minute since we had a Björk bop like this.
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