Shygirl - "Thicc" + General Discussion

I missed out on Nymph world tour pt. 1, but thinking I might go see her for or. 2 in Bristol on the 5th December. Will probably have to go solo as no one I know likes her!
It’s really coming in February 2024 but the title is “Club Nymph”. 6 tracks including “Thicc”. Club/dance/electro oriented. Source is the same on who revealed the “Thicc” release.

I'll take it! Lowkey sounds like she just split the Club Shy mixtape into two EPs instead, since we just got this as well

Club Shy was meant to be a mix of new tracks and then live edits/remixes, so I guess I'll be merging them!
Just popping in to say that Honey has been the dark horse of the Nymph album for me. It didn’t really make an impact on me when I first heard the album, but it’s just the most entrancing track; it’s kind of the track on the album which most conjures up the visuals of the album art for me.

I was a bit concerned in the lead up to Nymph about the cohesiveness of the album, but I now think it’s a fantastic package. It really showcases her artistic versatility, and I think there’s a real thread of vulnerability and sense of isolation throughout the album. The soundscape is so… sparse and detached but in a very beautiful way?

I adore how she’s created two sister albums in Alias and Nymph. They complement each other so well. Alias is a horny, sweaty, drug fuelled night in city while Nymph is isolated and icy, and almost ethereal.

I am so excited to see her again at Drumsheds in December.