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Sia - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. I didn't know Hologram (Smoke And Mirrors) was a Sia song, I fell in love with it on Amazon's Transparent.
  2. There's an original Sia demo version available online, but not on Youtube. It features, well, quiet a different production.
    Here are some snippets:
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  3. I love all her demos with Garibay. I always imagine Kylie singing them. What could have been on Kiss Me Once...
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  4. I take it the credits are listed in your iTunes purchase?
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  5. I’m sure you’ll love EKG then. Natalie sounds...frighteningly similar to Kylie in a lot of it (to the point where I’m pretty much convinced it was a submission for Kiss Me Once)
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  6. Thanks, I didn't know about it. I thought it was a song written by the Fussypuss from Transparent, to be honest. I'm so naïve.

    Yep. Do you want me to list the writers of every song?
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  7. Not necessary, but thank you.

    I have to admit EKG is the Kylie track that never was and it’s my guilty pleasure off this album.
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  8. I love Raffey Cassidy version of this song:
  9. Wait, is that Lady Gaga's Partynauseous, I hear?
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  10. So it´s not just me?
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  11. There is quiet an amout of Sia's unreleased songs which are actually remixes featuring her vocals from the song, sometimes even fan-made. That is possibly the case with "Hologram", too.

    I've heard "Partynauseous" only two or three times, so it didn't spring to my mind while listening to "Hologram".
  12. The synth is exactly I same as the one in the end of PARTYNAUSEOUS - I think it's because Garibay is a producer on both. Maybe @mindtrappa knows more?
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  13. The production on “Hologram” is definitely a repurposed/watered down version of Fernando’s “Partynauseous” remix
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  14. Listening to Colour The Small One tonight and absolutely loving it. I would so deeply welcome another album like this from her. It’s all killer, no filler in my eyes! Like this album houses “Sweet Potato,” “Moon” “Sunday” “Church if What’s Happening Now” and “Rewrite” and those aren’t even the song of the album!
  15. I just want a Sia album that is not a soundtrack, a joint one with Diplo, a Christmas themed one, a reject compilation, a shoe line promo. Just a plain old Sia album.
  16. Moon is what made Xtina want to collaborate with Sia. I'll forever be greatful for that tidbit because it got me into that specific album.

    Then listened to We Are Born and finally Some People Have Real Problems. Her magnum opus imo. It's the perfect blend of pop and "old school" Sia.
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  17. "Moon" is such a hauntingly gorgeous song, which actually made me certain to listen to Sia's full discography.
    One of the very best on "Colour the Small One", of course.

    Interestingly, Sia once wanted a collaboration with Amy Winehouse, probably for her second album.
    Amy declined it, saying she's too intimidated by Sia, after hearing "Taken For Granted" and being a fan of her since she was a teenager, and throughout "Healing Is Difficult" and "Colour the Small One" albums.
    Sia was so surprised to hear that, because she adored Amy and her albums.
    They were such a big fans of each other... imagine what a song they could've made.

    No wonder my parents said she and her voice strongly reminded them of Amy Winehouse when I played them Sia's earlier music.
  18. Too intimidated? That's funny, I figured it would be the other way around. God rest her soul.

    A collaboration between those two would have been... I don't even have a word to describe it.
  19. Is the LSD album coming out or not.
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  20. Judging by their charting success, it's probably not profitable and it's been scrapped. Or it was only meant to be 4 singles, and done.
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