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Sia - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Wasn’t they quoted as saying the album was complete and due in November?
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  2. Doubt they’d cancel the album...

    They’ve already made like 4 music videos and have the tracklist. And they’ve posted stuff like that end of year Spotify play count in the last couple of weeks.

    Anyway, Wrapped Up is such a great pop ballad. And Your Body Talk is the bop of the album. I wish we had Sia versions though.
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  3. I only saw one source that said that. Did they mean November next year?

    4 videos is a typical singles run for an LP. The way artists are these days they could have been throwing out singles until something was “successful” and just have up.

    I wish we had the Sia versions of all of the songs on the Vox Lux soundtrack also.
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  4. Seems like we're getting new stuff in January! Hopefully the whole album, I'd love that.
  5. She totally means the LSD album, right?!
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  6. I could absolutely see LSD dropping January / February and her releasing an album towards the end of the year.
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  7. I hope her musical is like Vox Lux kii
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  8. That would be great.
    I mean, she can release an album in the summer, too, since she's capable of writing one in a few weeks.
  9. Her musical will definitely star Maddie Ziegler, right?
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  10. "The story is about an autistic child (Maddie Ziegler) who is cared for by her sober, drug-dealing sister (Kate Hudson)". The film is called Music.
  11. Might as well. She's also been working writing/directing a movie starring Maddie and Kate Hudson.
    That sounds like a lie, it's weird that it's true.
  12. The movie is out now on DVD and digital! I love it and the performances are very interesting.
  13. Deja Vu is such a cute disco bop. I’d like to hear more something like this from her.
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  15. "Out There" is a nice song, I love the dramatic and gorgeous instrumental. The melody is Sia by the numbers, but it's OK.

    Also, didn't know this was out:

    I adore Sia's verse/bridge.
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  16. Excuse me but Hans Zimmer and Sia are a match made in heaven.
    Her lyrics aren't particularly mind blowing but the orchestra sounds gorgeous. She should always be singing with an orchestra.
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  17. Do we know why Unstoppable is suddenly making movements on iTunes?
  18. It's being used in a perfume commercial.
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