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Sia - General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Free the Animal came on a Spotify playlist randomly and I was reminded of it's existence. What a song tucked away in her discography
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  2. If nothing else (and it literally is nothing else) I admire that she has the brass neck to sing about being 'original' at this point.

    We'll always have the older stuff, I guess.
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  3. I’ve really stopped checking her music out.

    I still love her though, and she made three fantastic albums (colour the small one, some people have real problems, we are born). The debut is special too.

    1000 forms of fears still is a great pop album, bursting with her personality. I won’t let her vapid songs for other artists taint that.

    But yeah, hopefully she’ll make interesting music again one day.
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  4. I think she needs to figure out what she wants to really say with her music. And not just on this generic level. But something deep and personal to her and her life.

    Clearly she's kind of guarded that away in favor of this philosophical "What If?" scenario of "What if I was a pop star that wasn't about what I looked like?" "What if the world would eat up pop music no matter how generic I make it?", etc. But I guess I understand that maybe she just doesn't want to bring people in on a personal level because it makes her uncomfortable. But, I wish her music had a deeper meaning to it. Or was at least more fun again if not that.
    But it's just tie-in songs so I am not going to be too crazed over it. We'll see what a new album would be like.

    I lowkey think her Christmas album was genious and perfect for her though.
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  5. I never really get this 'it's only a movie soundtrack song' mentality. Live To Tell was a movie soundtrack song, for God's sake. There's zero reason for them not to be good or even great, but the artist has to want it. This nothing of a song is typical of sausage factory Sia.
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  6. There are some GREAT movie soundtrack songs, but she's done so many at this point, it is "only a movie soundtrack song" there's nothing special about them once she has like 10 of them.
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  7. "Original" is dire.
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  8. That seems to be the word most fitting for Sia in general nowadays. Shame.
  9. Yeah Original is almost comically everything-wrong-with-Sia.

    Should I listen to the LSD album? A remix of Genius plays at my spin class as I somewhat bop.
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  10. Yeah, "Original"... exists. The verses kind of sounded promising, but then it just went into Sia genericness.
    I swear she has a closet of 1000 demo tapes and whenever she decides to write a song for a soundtrack, she just picks a random demo and adds lyrics to it. That's why I don't give much attention to those songs recently, as they do not indicate what could be going on behind the scenes of her own album.

    Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to her album, since we have no idea what she could do next. I'm sure there's another "Colour the Small One" and "Some People Have Real Problems" in her, she reminded us of that several times in the past five years ("Salted Wound", "Jesus Wept", majority of "Everyday Is Christmas" album, "Deer In Headlights", some elements in the LSD album etc.)

    Everyone has a different approach when writing soundtrack songs, so we can't put them all in the same basket.
    Personally, it's better that she 'wasted' this song on a soundtrack than putting it on her own album.

    Same. It's my favorite Christmas album ever.
  11. Her Christmas album really is something special, I think it forced her to sit down and think outside the box properly for the first time in a long time.
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  12. Thunderclouds and No New Friends are excellent.
  13. What’s the plan nowadays. Does she even intend on recording a new studio album? Does it even remotely interest her? This Is Acting feels like a lifetime ago.
  14. It makes me mad that "Fist Fighting a Sandstorm" is not available on Spotify. Such an epic song!
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  15. I think this wasn't mentioned, but three unreleased songs by Sia leaked in December.

    My favorite out of them is called "Perfect":

    Allegedly, it was written with Eg White, who's never worked with Sia before. This could've been recorded between 2014 and 2018 so we don't know which album (if any) this was supposed to appear on. It's a bit different from her usual music recently. The pre-chorus and lovely, shame that it's used only once, and I really like the chorus. The middle-8 is another beautiful moment.

    The other two have Stargate in the writing credits and are more of Sia's usual side. Both are likely recorded in 2016, because we know she worked with the on "Waterfall" around the time.
    "Awake Tonight" is an upbeat. The chorus is great:

    My least favorite, but still good, "Too Beautiful" has the similar backstory:

    I like it, but doesn't have anything in particular to grasp at. At least it's a pleasant listen.

    Hearing these (rather old) songs makes me think whether she'll change her style in the future.
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