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Sia - Music (soundtrack for ableist trash fire of a film)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glow, Dec 25, 2018.

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  1. I mean, we all saw this coming from its blistering 29% score on Rotten Tomatoes, right?

    Fortunately, it hasn't a chance in hell of winning either category. Even the Globes aren't that messy.
  2. Fuck her and the Golden Globes.
  3. I'm so tired of popstars and their problematic choices. I feel like too many of them are not using their fucking brains before they say things and do things.
  4. She should have deleted her film instead.
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  5. I hate that I'm bopping, but...I'm bopping. I really do love her voice
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  6. "Floating Through Space" pretty much confirms that the album was written in 2016.
    Fine enough song, but way too overdone.
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  7. Is there a reason Sia even decided to make a film about an autistic girl? Like what is her connection to autism that inspired this? It's all just so random that this is the hill she decided to kill her own career on.

    I have loved Sia for so many years now, I've cried and danced to her music - sometimes at the same time. She's always so kind. But all of this movie venture has been so unnecessary of a move and she's acted pretty selfish and ignorant and i'm really disappointed in her. Like it's bad enough all of her music the last couple years has sounded like Be Yourself, Be Happy anthems again and again - but now she needed to add this layer of just pure terrible decision making on top of that and like... Eek.
  8. Has anybody actually watched the movie and/or listened to the soundtrack and tell us if one or the other is worth it?

    I'm just curious...
  9. I heard the album today. It sounds like Sia-by-numbers, mostly, for me. But that is not necessarily a bad thing I suppose.
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  10. I’ve been turned off Sia for a few years now but I listened to the album once and really enjoyed the title track at least. It could have been on one of her good albums from years ago.
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  11. Inland Empire

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  12. I cant even watch that. It made me want to cry
  13. How in the fuck did this get greenlit? Jesus H.
  14. I’ve been avoiding posting in here ever since I first heard about this film because the topic is incredibly triggering and opens up wounds I would much rather forget, but the clip of them restraining the girl is so infuriating I feel like I have to say something.

    I was told I was on the spectrum when I was in third grade and quickly removed from my friends and “regular” students and put into smaller special education classes. This lasted until I was out of high school. My first year or two was miserable. The teachers were abusive. There were many incidents where full grown adults would lock students in enclosed rooms just barely bigger than a closet if we were “acting up”, they would sit on top of us or punish us by not allowing us to have lunch or go out to recess. I ended up attempting suicide because the combination of this and me struggling for years prior over my fathers death were unbearable. I ended up being put on Prozac and essentially drugged up, which only made my behaviors worse. My time on that drug can only be described as a fog, my mom has told me I was a total zombie. I ended up switching schools and while this new place wasn’t as abusive, the way we were treated was still something I would call abuse. The restraining techniques is not only dangerous but incredibly damaging psychologically. Those experiences genuinely gave me PTSD, and I struggle severely with social interactions and trusting authority figures to this day. This film fills me with so much rage that I can’t even put it into proper words, all I can do is cry and I really think Sia is so fucked up for this.
  15. There's nothing else I can say but we love you and I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. And fuck Sia
  16. In the many, many years I've been on here, I can't think of a single pop act of her profile who's released a new album and it's taken until the middle of the next day for anyone to bother commenting on it. Speaks volumes, really.
  17. I can't think of a single artist whose quality of output has taken as big a nose-dive as Sia's has. It's almost incomprehensible that she's the same artist who released Some People Have Real Problems.
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