Sia - Reasonable Woman

I literally do not hold Sia pre and post We Are Born as the same artist.

For a brief period I enjoyed seeing her blow up even if it was more generic, but the diminishing returns, awful attitude and the movie issue have just left such a sour taste.

I think it’s likely she was never really a great person, but she had some artistic integrity when her career’s sole purpose wasn’t making money.

I read an interesting interview saying she became really difficult during her initial tours (forgot which album for), demanding 1st class flights and for her dogs for attend. Unfortunately music has always been a means to an end for her, it just so happens it was once a great vehicle for her to express personal issues that no longer exist and talent/inspiration that is likely used up.

Interesting to have piano ballad from her nonetheless. Her voice is another casualty of her fame though, it seems. Definitely the best I’ve heard from her since the good parts of the Christmas album.
"Incredible" is an outtake recorded during the LSD days (around 2018) and "I Forgive You" is basically the solo version of this 2015 collab:

Suposedly there will be newly recorded songs on the album but this really highlights Sia's creative bankrupcy.
Album full length: 49m52s

“Little Wing“ — 3:19
“Immortal Queen“ (ft. Chaka Khan & Missy Elliott) — 3:20
“Dance Alone“ (w/ Kylie Minogue) — 2:52
“I Had A Heart“ — 2:49
“Gimme Love“ — 3:34
“Nowhere To Be“ — 3:16
“Towards The Sun“ — 2:48
“Incredible“ (ft. Labrinth) — 3:34
“Champion“ (ft. Tierra Whack, Kaliii & Jimmy Joliff) — 2:41
“I Forgive You“ — 4:20
“Wanna Be Known“ — 3:46
“One Night“ — 2:59
“Fame Won‘t Love You“ (ft. Paris Hilton) — 3:20
“Go On“ — 3:14
“Rock and Balloon“ — 4:00
This is not as bad as I thought it'd be. It's a basic pop album with a few bops that I will probably go back to a few times, but I wouldn't care if they disappeared from streaming ddd does it make sense?
Little Wing is one of the rare cases where her insane over-singing actually kind of sells the song, in spite of its incredibly dated production. The rest of the album is honestly so bad though, and I went in with an open mind. So dated, so by-the-numbers.

Immortal Queen is kind of iconic in its messy cringiness though dd
Not me hating her since the movie and every single demo she gave to other popstars but now I'm kinda getting some mileage out of this album? It's a soft toot.
This album landing dead in the water.

She mentioned this album was ready 4 years ago, but the production sounds 6 to 8 years old. This just sounds like another This Is Acting, but the bottom of the barrel.

I had a little bit more interest in this album when I saw the original artwork of her standing by a pool as well as the single with Kylie. The literal childish gimmick only works for so long. I hope she gives up the ridiculous wigs and bows next cycle.