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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Massive song here! He's out of Copenhagen, his sound is almost PC Music-lite; super bright and electronic with 90's boyband vocals.

    He put out two EP's last year, some tracks are instrumentals, but his music is over all pretty amazing. I know some of you listened to his stuff, but I can't believe we haven't talked about it! The EP he put out last month is 4/4.
    @Noir @BEST FICTION @backstreetjoe @Vasilios
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  2. Into this!
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  3. New song is good. I seem to recall he was meant to work on Charli XCXs new record at some point last year, not sure what came of that though.
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  4. I am sure what came, nothing.
  5. I discovered him via Charli. The Fruits EP is immaculte. I'm so glad he finally has he own thread thanks to @DarkSacoura.
  6. No more four-letter all-caps artist names, no.
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  8. I really like his approach to writing. The results have been hit and miss so far - but I'll be keeping an eye on him all the same.
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  9. A bop. Kinda sounds like a smash too?
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  10. Just heard Clean Break and it sounds good!
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