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Sifr's random movie discourse thread!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by sifr, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Huge brownie points for Gemma Artertons characters name I must say.

    During the movie she only ever says her name is "Fields" but come credits time, we can see that is her second name, and her first name is Strawberry.

    Strawberry Fields. Amazing.
  2. The so-called "proper" Bond movie will never be back now. The franchise has moved on hugely with Craig, and to revert to type would be a huge mistake after CR and QoS. I have an appreciation for Bond, but the newer films have not only injected something modern into quite a dated collection of films, but resurrected my love of good action films.

    And I'm sorry, Craig isn't only fit, he's a fucking brilliant actor, and I will truthfully challenge anyone to disagree with me. And if you haven't seen Our Friends In the North, then you're not fit to start the discussion.
  3. Sorry Mr Moog, I know you love her and all, but I just don't rate her as an actress. Plus she's nowhere near as hot as Olga Kurylenko, while we're on the subject.

    Sorry, but if you can be nominated for an Oscar for a five-minute role you can equally be criticised for one.
  4. Mr sifr, for your next discourse can you please explain to everyone how Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison mean that Adam Sandler can be forgiven for everything since?
  5. Please, Mish, drop the Mr, you'll make me feel old.

    Having sat through Anger Management and fair slammed my head into a wall at the difference between what I thought I was going to see and what I saw, I'm not sure I can really make a defense for some of Sandler's work. The Longest Yard also makes for a tough sell.

    I could do you a good case for why The Wedding Singer is one of the finest romcom's ever, and how amazing Punch-Drunk Love is, but after that you're on your own.

    Ha! There's always a "source" isn't there? I wouldn't make much of it for now. I don't even think they have a director or script yet. Bond rumours flow like almost nothing else - there's a great documentary on the Die Another Day DVD where the publicists show a folder full of all the false stories and rumours they've seen that have sprung from nowhere.
  6. "Sources" also rate Freida Pinto as having a very good chance of the role - she is stunning and indeed, worse career moves have been made.
  7. Goodness, I don't think Adam Sandler could be defended. Other than for Punch Drunk Love. After that, or before that, zip. One of the most hideous men on the planet.
  8. Awful, awful movie. He was funny once. For about 10 minutes.
  9. It's one of those hideous movies where you're supposed to root for the prisoners because the warden and guards (with the exception of the ever-excellent William Fichtner) are assholes. But then you think, hold on, the "lovable" slow witted fat black guy...he's in max-security jail why? Plus that and the Vinnie Jones Mean Machine are in a lot of cases just shot for shot of the original Burt Reynolds Longest Yard so if you've seen one...
  10. The Wedding Singer was great, but in fairness very little of that was down to Adam Sandler.

    The only other film of his I've seen is Big Daddy, and I'd rather have all my teeth extracted with rusty pliers than sit through that again.
  11. I'm uploading some of my Bond montages onto youtube now. As I said, I was asked to put together an hour of video to cover the part of the evening where people were eating so I decided to make things difficult (read: show off) and instead of just running full sections of the films, I thought I'd put together specific montages on actors or subjects.

    I had a few ground rules - no extreme violence, not that there is a lot in the movies, as there were a few younger kids at the evening, no dialogue clips (aside from one crucial one in the intro) and no repeating of shots or scenes. In the full hour, I reused one shot of Sean Connery once, aside from that, it was all exclusive.

    I had a lot of work on then and wasn't able to work full time on the edits, so I didn't finish all of them as I'd have liked, so I've only uploaded the ones I'm happiest with here. I was still editing six hours before the evening was due to start! As it stands, there's 10 more seconds of Honey Ryder in the Girls montage then I'd have liked. Consider it really kicking in from when Holly Goodhead appears.

    Anyway, I'll edit this post with the URLs when they're up in a bit.

    EDIT: Ooh, Youtube getting fucking cleverer isn't it? If disabled the audio on my favourite edit - the If You Asked Me To romance one - because I put the name in the title and it matched it to the Patti LaBelle track. It's also blocked the Casino Royale edit in certain countries! Right, time to reupload with more obtuse titles!

    EDIT #2: Son of a fucking whore this new Audible Magic shit they've got is annoying!

    EDIT #3: Right, excuse me a minute while I retime and recut my favourite edit out of the whole lot to accommodate a -3% slowdown of the track in an attempt to sneak it past the fucking MCP of copyright programs. It's not like I put the whole thing together to a beat and lyrics or anything.
  12. Adam Sandler - I don't like most of his movies. Wedding Singer had many cool bits - Drew Barrymore was excellent, and the cameo from Billy Idol had me in stitches. 50 First Dates was OK, a second-rate romcom rescued by Drew and how well she works with Adam Sandler.

    When I saw The Waterboy, I apparently missed the funniest bit. Some twat had spilt their coke over the floor, so as I got up to go to the loo (I was finding this film unfunny, and not even Fairuza Balk could save this one) I slipped and went flying over the seats in front of me. This raised a bigger laugh than anything Sandler did on screen. At the end, as I left the cinema, I overheard one bloke saying to his mate "did you see when that bloke tripped over? Funniest thing I've seen in AGES"

    Proof that real-life tripping is funnier that some deliberate comedy, and why "You've been framed" is always popular.
  13. I didn't see The Waterboy under good conditions - we used to have press shows in our cinema for reviewers (of which Plymouth does not / did not have many) and also to check the print, which no-one ever really did, early on the week the film would open.

    On this occasion, and coming off The Wedding Singer high, I came in to check out Waterboy and fuck me, it was a good job I did - the print was utterly fucked. It was scratched, there were joins in two places, the sound dropped out - we later found it had come straight from a US multiplex where it had literally been on a loop in the projection system for weeks and they didn't take any care of it at all.

    Luckily we got a new print in time for Friday. As for the film, I recall Henry Winkler being amusing, and the "You can do it!" catchphrase was okay. The rest was not good. I'd forgotten Fairuza Balk was even in it until your post!
  14. Right, most of the Bond edits I wanted to put up are up. Check them out here:

    GoldenEye in 3m 26s!:
    Casino Royale in 4m!:

    Okay, so this new friggin AudioSpy that youtube have wouldn't let me upload my romance montage as it's set to Patti LaBelle's "If You Asked Me To" from Licence To Kill. I even reset the time down by 3% and reedited the clips to match again but the fucker wouldn't let it through, so I've uploaded it on my yousendit account as a Quicktime file:

    If you like the others, please, please, please check this out - it's my favourite one!
  15. Thanks for reminding me what a fucking great song Goldeneye is!
  16. Sifr I would love if you did a 'top 10 plot twists' countdown. I love me a good 'Well I didn't see that coming!' moment.
  17. Interesting idea! I'll have a think...have to be careful with spoilers. The BBC did a great British cinema series last year, but basically blew the ending of every movie they talked about. My sister called and said "Well, now I really want to see The Wicker Man...but now there's no point."

    Maybe I could do the top 10 twists that don't work at all when you think about them - I'll start with the frigging Sixth Sense.
  18. Dag


    I'll give a vote to "The Others" for one of the best twists ever. I didn't see it coming, and it felt both rewarding, depressing, and chilling.

    "Hide And Seek" gets my vote for the top 10 list of twists that don't work at all.
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I actually guessed the end of "The Others" early on, but that's probably because the storyline was very similar to a kids TV show I saw once.

    He's a great actor, but he's not James Bond. And I'm not saying they should've picked a pretty boy instead or anything - oh God no - he's just not 007.
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