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Sigrid - How to Let Go (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, May 16, 2021.

  1. Yeah, they don’t really move the needle nowadays.
  2. I got the pink vinyl from Amazon, it looks like strawberry milkshake, lovely. I listened and wasn't looking forward to the Bring Me The Horizon collab, but it's not there! Result.
  3. That track isn’t on any of the vinyls as far as I know. Not sure why (but I’m not complaining).
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  4. The vinyl were all pressed last year, before that song existed. Funnily the O2 Priority "alternate" sleeves all have 2021 copyright information on, so it really does seem like they had a full album campaign ready to go last year, but scrapped it all?
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  5. Medium pop girl: exists
  6. They obviously felt the album wasn't strong enough and thought the Griff and Bring Me The Horizon collabs would score her a decent hit to push the album, but they both flopped anyhow. Same thing happened with Years & Years and the Galantis version of "Sweet Talker."
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  7. So not only the wasted money they wasted time too. She was much ‘bigger’ last year.
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  8. I don’t know where this campaign went so off the rails, I say that as someone who loves Mirror & specifically Burning Bridges, but I’ve yet to even listen to the album which speaks volumes. I did listen to A Driver Saved My Night and enjoyed it, reminds me of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Murder on the Dancefloor. I’ll need to give it a full listen soon, I’m just not particularly hyped about it.
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  9. I mean this happens all the time in pop - the label sending the artist back to the studio to cut a few more tracks in search of an easy hit, when they feel the album at its current state lacks one. It's only more apparent now because of the vinyl pressing plant delays, so we're unwittingly let in on the version of the album they signed off one year ago, before they saw how Mirror and Burning Bridges underperformed.
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  10. RMK


    I guess a number two album in the UK with physicals is possible, but she never struck me as that big? Stranger did decent over there, but... Wasn't that it?
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  11. She had quite a positive “indie” girl feel with the first album. Stranger was a decent sized hit. I think there was some hype which has all but gone now. Her tour venues are ambitious too! I wonder how they are selling…
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  12. Her first album went top five. Don't Feel Like Crying went top 20. There is 'presence' kicking about.
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  13. Oh she’s always gigging in the UK - as the crowd-pleasing Sound Of former winner, she’s the go-to girl for all the big names - Radio 1 festivals, Capital Summertime Ball, so she has always got exposure in spades. Her profile is about Anne Marie sized I think.
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  14. 3Xs


    Tried giving her a shot but there's something about her music/overall aesthetic that's a little too polite and polished? Just unmemorable.
  15. RMK


    The first EP felt memorable. It was filled with more attitude and grit.
  16. Rob


    The album is already out of the Top 50 in the midweeks.
  17. I listened to this hoping for good things, but was sorely disappointed. Very boring album. Deleted from my Library.
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Finally gave this a listen, and boy, outside of A Driver Saved My Night, there is truly nothing to latch onto here. Her first album was certainly spotty, but with this one… nothing was there.
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