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Sigrid - How to Let Go

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, May 16, 2021.

  1. Seemed like time for a new thread?

    Lead single 'Mirror' supposedly dropping May 26th.
    Written with Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren & Sylvester Sivertsen.
  2. I hope its more "Plot Twist" than "Raw". The album was a cute girl but had the potential to be something really special.
  3. Classic Sigrid with a disco twist is how Magic was described. She’s done the whole project with Emily Warren so I’m assuming it will be closest to the album.
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  4. Disco sounds promising. As long as she strays away from acoustic guitars.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'm perched for more from her but her moment feels like it's passed.
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  6. I really enjoyed her album so am looking forward to what she’s got in store next.
  7. Snippet:

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  8. Sounds very promising indeed. As someone who actually loved her debut, I am excited for what's to come. I just hope we aren't waiting years for an album again.
  9. Hmm not her serving a lil bit of Justice/Daft Punk in that clip? Maybe I can get on board after the mess of the last era.
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  10. yas give us a bop
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  11. This sounds promising. I hope she does not follow this by releasing 3 ballads one after the other nn.
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  12. Disco Sigrid? I’m SO pumped for this era.
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  13. I feel like she hasn’t been around in forever. Having said that I’m looking forward to hearing the new music.
  14. Snippet of what sounds like the chorus and it sounds terrific.

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  15. The snippet sounds fun. I’m getting Don’t Feel Like Crying, but make it disco because Dua Lipa.
    Hope the rest of the track pushes the envelope even more.
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  16. It sounds like adrenaline and joy rush so colour me excited.
  17. Music video for Mirror premieres today at 1:30 PM EST:

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  19. The lyrics are cliché and feel genetically engineered to be placed on a Boots/Dove/Superdrug "even our flaws are beautiful!!" empowerment TV ad where woman dance against a white background – but the actual track is a bop, particularly the bass and disco strings.

    The Future Nostalgia era's influence already being felt? Yes I do like to see it.
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