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Sigrid - How to Let Go

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, May 16, 2021.

  1. Hmmm… so the first 3 singles turned out to be the outliers and the sound of the album is much closer to an Ashlee Simpson one than I expected. I understand that this is probably both the label’s reaction to Olivia Rodrigo’s success and herself wanting to go in on her angst pop era but I can’t help but feel mislead. Now that my expectations have been adjusted, I will try again knowing this is not a bops-to-the-wall kind of album.
  2. I would be happy to see this - she calls it “Beatles-esque” on the Spotify story thing, and it definitely gives ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ but for F-words.
  3. So final list of vinyl formats

    Standard Black
    D2C/Recordstore Marbled Orange
    Indies Purple
    Amazon Pink (Signed)
    HMV Clear
    O2 Priority Alt Cover (limited to 500)
    Spotify Fans First Green (limited to 1500)
    Norwegian Exclusive Transparent Orange (looks more red)
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  4. That’s a lot of formats for an album that will sell 5 copies
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  5. You know when an artist releases an album and you’re like “damn they should’ve released that as a pre release single!!” - this absolutely does not apply to this album. The first 3 singles are as good as it gets.
  6. Wow - this is so bland and dull. Mirror and Burning Bridges are the best songs here by a mile.
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  7. 2014

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    The album's fine but there's not a lot of progression. Thank Me Later and A Driver Saved My Night are great.
  8. Sigrid wishes. “Autobiography” remains unbothered.
  9. The only album track that really stuck with me was "Grow", the rest of the album is pretty forgettable and stale
  10. They released the best songs as the pre-release singles and that already means a lot. The rest of album tracks are kinda bland and I think that I just expected a bit more interesting sound. I'm going to take Thank Me Later and Driver, as they're fine bops.
  11. Strangely, the critics seem to be lapping this up. Genuinely interested to see where this charts (if at all dd). She seems to be doing loads of festivals this summer so it could do OK in the long run. Leaving Head on Fire off is still a choice.
  12. This is another bland album bar couple songs. I don’t know what the problem is. It seems like she knows how to deliver and do it every now and then, but the full projects are barely interesting.
  13. 2014

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    I think she needs another label, something overall behind the scenes isn’t quite clicking - but I am really obsessed with Driver Saved My Night so there’s that!!
  14. Wow, my first reaction was ‘WHY have they held the glorious A Driver Saved My Night back??’

    I think this is 2/3 a great album tbh. I could live without Mistake Like You and Grow, but Driver, Thank Me Later and High Note I love, and Last To Know is beaut.

    it’s not perfect but I’m pleased.
  15. Sorry for double post but

    1) you all had me worried this was going to tank, I thought it was going to be a low top ten like Ella or Camila, so very happy to see this sat at No.2 today! I don’t know about sales and if it’ll hang on but I hope it can debut strong

    2) I really think that Thank Me Later should be the next single to try and score a hit and get this some longevity. Dancer is a good song but I don’t see it being a big hit.
  16. I could see it being part of an increasingly prevalent trend where the album debuts at or near the top of the chart, then plunges well into the lower half of the top 100 in week two.

    (I thought the album was fine, which is also what I thought about her first one.)
  17. Had a couple of listens today when I was out running and I really like it. A Driver Saved My Night definitely jumped out to me when listening. I enjoyed her first era but never really listened to her debut album, these first 3 singles + Head On Fire are all amazing to here ears, I wouldn’t mind seeing her live now…
  18. If the album peaks inside the Top 10 on the first week I'm sure it will bomb outside the Top 40 on the second. It's already a miracle that it is currently at #2.
  19. Good for her. It’s not a bad album.
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