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Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Keeping Dynamite and getting rid of Plot Twist and High Five......the Adele effect ugh.
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  2. "Strangers" still goes off. And "Sight of You" has really grown on me. I mean, it's horrible. But I really like it???
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  3. Strangers still slaps, but I really think I would’ve enjoyed this album more if I heard it 14 months ago.
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  5. Saw her last night supporting George Ezra and she was fab! The whole 'looks like a 15 year old Christian from Bible camp rocks out' look she comes across as on TV makes sense when you see her live. She had personality and a command of the audience.
  6. Sigrid said she's going to release Savage In Our Blood someday, maybe that means there's gonna be a deluxe version of Sucker Punch?
  7. Not Savage in Our Blood of all scrapped tracks. Credit is begging to get released.
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    Ok Never Mine goes off. I'm......warming to this.
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  9. Mine Right Now, Never Mine, and Basic are very good.
  10. the opening of the album: both our hoodies red/you're in my head

    the end of the album: oh I wish we had a common view/you see my red as blue

  11. I like this a lot. I was pretty much disappointed with everything she has released (post Strangers) bar High Five and Sucker Punch. I’m glad these songs are a lot better and more varied.
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  12. Well, I’ve been a fan since Strangers. I think Strangers is one of those rare songs that magically presented a perfect combination of amazing hook, original delivery and very clever lyrics. It is, simply put, a pop masterpiece.

    I don’t think the album is bad, it’s actually quite good! But nothing on it matches Strangers, this is quite clear to me. To be fair, it was a tough one to follow.

    My main problem with the album is that it sounds too much like everybody else.
    On the whole it reminds me A LOT of Foxes’ two albums (which I love), but, sadly, it is not as good as either of them.
    It also draws influences from so many artists, the main one being Tegan and Sara (Never Mine sounds so much like one of theirs that I had to double check the credits). Don’t get me wrong, I adore Tegan and Sara, but again, they did it before, and better. Sorry Sigrid.
    Then of course there’s Level Up which is clearly a lost track by Polly Paulusma. Let’s not mention Dynamite, which is practically an Adele parody, and I loathe Adele with a passion.
    Lily Allen says hello on Business Dinners, and Fiona Apple mixed with Avril Lavigne are randomly sprinkled a bit everywhere.

    Overall it looks like there’s not really a Sigrid sound coming out of it, the only songs that really suit and describe her being Strangers, Don’t Kill My Vibe and Sucker Punch.

    What a shame.
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  13. He was colorblind all along.....
  14. This is so shit nñnn.
  15. I'm scratching my head at the perception of disappointment in here. To me this sounds great for her. Not super surprising but right on brand for what she presented in the Don't Kill My Vibe EP. It's not as exciting to me as Tove Styrke's Sway album but it's still lots of fun and a great debut. Only comparing them because I got into both of them around the same time that Don't Kill My Vibe and Say My Name dropped and I used to get them confused with one another all the time...ddd.
  16. I’m surprisingly bopping hard to this! Nothing post-Strangers had grabbed me yet but I’m living for this Coldplay-The-Verve-Keane fantasy, is it groundbreaking? No. Is it filled to the brim with bops? Definitely not. But this is the debut album of an underground norse act and I think she comes across very likeable and charismatic solely through her voice, which I guess I could call “star power” to some extent? I don’t know, the album doesn’t ever get too repetitive but it’s still very concise; I could list multiple good choruses, catchy melodies, interesting production tweaks... overall its a well worked piece. It doesn’t bring anything new but it checks out all the boxes on what it does. Most negative reactions are coming in the form of “there’s no Strangers except for Strangers” which is... fine, because it also means that she didn’t cut-to-the-feeling the song.
    I have also realised that the mixing on every track makes her voice more prominent and the instrumental more subtle? Or is it just me?
  17. After listening through it, I have to agree that it's... okay. It's definitely been A&R'd and sterilized here and there, but it's competent. It's not the sucker punch it might've pretended to be, but a cute collection of songs. Level Up, In Vain and Dynamite (this is asking to be played in an episode of Grey's Anatomy) are nice standouts besides the singles, and Strangers and Don't Kill My Vibe are clearly the biggest moments of personality in the album.
  18. Not including High Five on this doesn't make any sense.
  19. The rest of the albums a bit of a bore, aside from the killer singles nothing worth repeating, her slow tracks are her weakest point.
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