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Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 11, 2017.

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    This is actually very unexpected. Her highest charting single since "Strangers" in November 2017 (!) Good for ha indeed.
  2. PJer's agreeing with Pitchfork.......I don't think any good can come from it!

    I love this album and I think sometimes expectations are too high for some reason. What do we expect from the debut album of a 22 year old? Ray Of Light, Behaviour, Light Years, Hounds Of Love, Honey......(I know I'm old)

    There are bangers aplenty.....Strangers (my most played song of 2018), Sucker Punch, Don't Kill My Vibe, Don't Feel Like Crying, Mine Right Now and my absolute favourite Never Mine which make up half the album and the other more downtempo songs all work well.

    As contrived as her image may be, who actually cares? I find the jeans/t-shirt/plain girl look quite refreshing to be honest, we can't all be Little Mix. She really reminds me of Amanda Mair.....another lovely pop-lite album from 2012, Sucker Punch could be the follow-up really.


    Add a few tunes from the earlier EPs and soundtrack and we have an even better Sucker Punch DLX.

    Anyway that's my 5p worth.
  3. The reason is that she had great songs in the EPs and performed live stuff that was much better than Level Up and In Vain.
  4. She's 22...?!
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  5. what

    I thought 17 or so. Then again 'Don't Kill My Buzz' was released in 2013 no?
  6. Don't Kill My Buzz is not the name of her song. It's the subject line of the email she sent to the label every 3 months since Strangers.
  7. I get strong Kesha vibes from the title track. Just me?
  8. Dear Lord,
    Is it me or she’s completely inept at miming? The lip-synch is all off...
  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Something good...? I'm not asking her to deliver her magnum opus on the first try but this album is just a crap effort.
  10. Well, I finally listened to the album and it's very good. She also had no right serving Business Dinners and Never Mine back to back!
  11. I’ve pretty much slept on Sigrid but Fake Friends is so so good.

    Don’t Feel Like Crying is a bop too.
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  12. I mean we got this from a 20 year old two years ago so I don’t get lowering the bar based on age?

  13. Island

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    Sky Ferreira was 21 when she released Night Time, My Time. Charli XCX was also 21 when she released True Romance. Katy B was 21 when she released On a Mission.

    Just because you're young doesn't mean you don't have quality control.
  14. Ffff knowing that she's the same age as me somehow made the marketing surrounding her even more cringe.

    She'll always have Don't Kill My Vibe.
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  15. I just listened to the album (finally) and I enjoyed it! My favs right now are business dinners, mine right now, don't feel like crying, never mine, and basic
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  16. I liked her last couple of singles, especially Strangers, but this new one is toe-curlingly trite.

    "It hasn't hit me yet, but I know if I go home I'm gonna get upset" is a particular offender.
  17. 2014

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    This album has grown on me but the middle bit of Level Up, Sight Of You and In Vain is so shit.
  18. The more I listen to Business Dinners, is that not Tove Lo on the chorus???
  19. What does it say about me that “Level Up” is my most played album track ddd
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