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Sigrid - Sucker Punch

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Will 'Never Mine' ever get the single treatment? I absolutely love it, best song on the album in my humble opinion. I am clearly a teenage girl.
  2. She’s just the cutest.
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  3. Kind of living for all the Scandi pop girls knowing each other? Supergroup please.
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  4. Wow they really said freshman class rights with these picks. She actually did better than the average person would have.
  5. I got a ticket to see her yesterday at the last minute, consider me converted from casual fan to stan.

    The album was already pretty great to me, no duds. Strangers is honestly the weakest song on there.
    I was surprised to read back a few pages and see most people here feel very differently.
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  6. The album is...fine, but she is a lot of fun live I have to say.
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  7. Yup I went to see her for a laugh at Primavera and it was great fun.
  8. Same, I thought it was one of the most engaging sets of the festival and I was like first row! I don't know if I'm bothered enough to pay and see her again this week but it was great to watch her at the festival.

    If anyone wants to give out a free ticket for the London date hit me up dddddd
  9. Another one who were greately surprised by their set in Primavera!
    It was pure fun, not pretentious and every song felt like a hit.
    It was right after Christine & The Queens, who was beautiful and a very well crafted show but had a lack of connection with the audience who explode with Sigrid's bops.
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  10. This album (along with my darling Lost Girls) was criminally ignored in the end of year lists.

    It doesn’t bother me but my taste in modern pop is so out of sync with anything critically or commercially successful these days. No wonder I have spent the last few days listening to Adam Rickitt, Geri, Kim and Kylie b sides, Alesha Dixon’s one good song and the two good singles by Sarah Whatmore and others for some light relief

    I really miss breezy light melodic uptempo plastic pop sometimes. Hopefully it will make a comeback sometime. I am beginning to have enough of the sad girls, confessional boys and faceless house/dance acts of pop taking up all the bandwidth.
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  12. Sucker Punch was a great little album so I'm ready for her Pure Heroine to Melodrama moment but I'm not sure she has the range so...
  13. Well eventhough the album ended up being basic, i used most of it because it was a fresh change of sound and bpm after the mostly abysmal string of songs she had released prior. Sure Don't Feel Like Crying is a rehash of Strangers but she sells that kind of songs. So low key hyped for this provided she drops the "serious artiste" ballads and flexs her soundscape even for a little bit.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I will never be over her leaving High Five off the album but it is a cute debut I guess. Don't Kill My Vibe is still huge.
  15. where is Go To War. Girl please
  16. I revisited album lately and there are a few great songs, I hope she will step up her game a little bit with this next record. Her and Emily Warren executive producing whole album seems like a great fit.
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  17. This album is so underrated!
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