Sigrid - "The Hype" + 3rd Album


It Gets Dark - 3:23
Burning Bridges - 2:52
Risk of Getting Hurt - 3:00
Thank Me Later - 3:30
Mirror - 2:36
Last To Know - 3:12
Dancer - 2:45
A Driver Saved My Night - 2:47
Mistake Like You - 3:30
Bad Life - 3:46
Grow - 3:13
High Note - 2:52

May 6th
Okay, I’m loving It Gets Dark. It’s the bass and the guitar for me. Love the melody too. The first song of hers I’ve connected to since this campaign


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Finally! I’m perched for this, but it feels like nothings really sticking with the GP this time round - hopefully she’s got some more promo lined up because she’s a great performer.
Not including Head on Fire seems like a strange choice considering it's the closest she's got to a hit this era.
I like the leaked vinyl cover much better, but at least we finally have a date! I feel like the album overall is going to be stronger than Sucker Punch.
Her webstore is listing an 'exclusive CD' (presumably the first edition they sold pre-announcement for tour presale access) with no mention of what makes it exclusive.

So what happened to this cover? It was signed, too. Maybe an HMV exclusive alternate artwork?
No sign of it on HMV or Amazon, really odd.