Sigrid - "The Hype" + 3rd Album

The vinyl is already pressed & photos have leaked (presumably from somewhere in the production line?).



Everybody Says They're Fine was the other track we had heard about, looks like that's scrapped - maybe if we're lucky we'll end up with some digital deluxe that includes that & Head on Fire.
Why leave Head On Fire off? To me this seems like an early version, but I do like the cover.
It was probably all finalised before Head on Fire was recorded? I don't see why it would have the Sound of Vinyl download code if it wasn't the finished product.
You guys are insane, this song is huge...
Sigrid always does these kinds of choruses that sound too familiar and almost corny, but I love it.
I actually like it better than the other UK alt-pop girl duet released today.
Love the cover.

Odd she hasn’t had this on preorder if it’s been ready to go a while. Seems a waste of an opportunity not to bag some sales, with all the radio 1 support she’s had.