Sigrid - The Hype (EP) + 3rd Album

The vinyl is already pressed & photos have leaked (presumably from somewhere in the production line?).



Everybody Says They're Fine was the other track we had heard about, looks like that's scrapped - maybe if we're lucky we'll end up with some digital deluxe that includes that & Head on Fire.
I'm already missing this vinyl.
Honestly, I think it's the material.
She’s batting 75% this era as far as I’m concerned! But then I also liked Miss Boots’ sophomore album, so perhaps I’m just predisposed to enjoying flop pop.

I think it’s just that her persona isn’t clicking. Hard to imagine that Mirror or Burning Bridges couldn’t have been huge with someone else’s name on it.
I've been getting more into Sigrid ahead of Glastonbury having always been vaguely aware of her stuff and I'm really enjoying it. There's a lot of bops here. The Bring Me The Horizon collab was a deal sealer - my emo self was living.

Head on Fire is amazing too, what a bop.
The old cover has popped up on Barnes & Noble in America but I’m guessing it’s a mistake - this is the first time it’s been posted anywhere digitally, albeit not the best quality.
The orange ‘sticker’ is different from the pink leaked vinyl ‘sticker’, so I’m guessing they’ve properly scrapped that cover and just reprinted the covers to go with the already pressed pink & orange variants. It does make you wonder why they didn’t do a blue or green variant though, as both seem the most obvious colours for both the old and new cover.
Poor @Sigrid’sHand having to sign all those old sleeves for nothing.
Honestly, I think it's the material.
I agree. All that I heard from this new album was good/great, I just have the impression the label is desperately trying to crossover to mainstream with these washed-out, Coldplay-lite, Spotify-oriented Bops™ - I disagree with @Mother Folcker, these songs wouldn't be a hit regardless of who released them. Mirror is a Zara Larsson song and Burning Bridges, despite the potential for a cute UK top 50 hit, I can't see it breaking out internationally. Plus that last song she was featured on... eh.


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She’s done a few rounds of interviews and I think BBC are reporting Dancer is the next single?

I’m definitely ready to finally listen to this; the singles have been confusing but Mirror and Burning Bridges are fantastic so I’m hopeful.