Sigrid - The Hype (EP) + 3rd Album

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I would have thought a #16 would be classed as high Top 80 but whether it's #72 or #78 I don't think Mirror has been a hit whichever way we look at it.

No but 72 would be high top 80 but 68 would be low top 70 surely
I’ve heard it a few times on radio. Radio 1 and Capital have both been getting behind it (Radio 1 always seem to give her full support). Sadly she doesn’t seem to be connecting with the general public with her songs.

The song has grown on me loads. Hopefully she will get an album out soon because I honestly don’t think interest is going to peak any further down the line.
The gap between her actual hit and the new lead single was too big, and the fact that she totally disappeared (at least on an international scale) didn't help.
The song and its remixes go off though.
Little Don'tkillmyviber 4 Life.
The BBC / Radio 1 have always given an unusually high amount of support to Sigrid’s stuff. She always ends up on the A-List, even when the previous singles have barely charted. I always put this down to them backing her in the Sound Of polls and so having to follow through. But even now their support seems very generous.