Sigrid - The Hype (EP) + 3rd Album


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The budgets for these videos! I'm quietly getting obsessed with her for this era, please can an album not be 3 years away thanks xx


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I don't remember her bopping even half as hard in her previous era as with her last 2 singles?
Recent televised concert in Norway:

00:00 SWR3 Intro
00:50 Don’t Feel Like Crying
04:24 Plot Twist
07:50 Mine Right Now
11:02 High Five
14:15 Burning Bridges
17:07 Don't Kill My Vibe
20:10 Sucker Punch
24:13 Home To You
27:50 Basic
32:07 Never Mine
37:19 Mirror
40:22 Strangers

No new tracks… do we think there’s much of a new album recorded, or she’s taking it a single at a time?

There are several new tracks registered at Sigrid’s ASCAP profile in the Repertory. 11 tracks plus Mirror and Burning Bridges, as far as I can tell.