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Silk City (Diplo and Mark Ronson)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. The collaborative project between Diplo and Mark Ronson is set to officially launch soon according to Diplo.

    Silk City (or the idea of it) was first mentioned by him in an interview published last August. The interview took place in April 2017:

    Hopefully this actually happens. I’m still waiting for the Mark Ronson x Kevin Parker x SZA album to get finished.

    Diplo and Mark will be playing their first show as Silk City at the Governers Ball in June, so I imagine we should be hearing more around then.
  2. This sounds good in theory but Diplo's output recently has been spotty as fuck. Perched either way.
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  3. "I feel like me and Mark can do something more sophisticated" probably translates to it's going to be a an album as opposed to a bunch of random stuff. Something cohesive like Calvin Harris' last album would be nice.
  4. They were recording with Dua Lipa yesterday

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  5. Giving me
  6. RJF


    I'm sorry, but a collab project between Diplo and Mark Ronson sounds like something we're destined to never hear, like nearly all their projects. They record music, post on Instagram... and lock the music on a hard drive in a temperature controlled chamber.
  7. Remember that house Diddy album with Kelis etc.
  8. Diplo releases music/collabs like crazy (which is probably a big part of the problem with his recent output being so... that)
  9. Jokes aside this sounds cool but also like @RJF said a recipe for label-rights-and-clearance disaster. Let's see.
  10. Mark and Diplo are both on Sony, so hopefully that makes everything a little easier. Guess it depends on the artists they pull in.

    Here for Mark singing again.
  11. Can Mark lock Diplo in the bathroom and force Dua to record one of these please

  12. A Gaga collab would be lovely but if she wasn't interested in the Mark/Kevin project I doubt she'll be involved in this.
  13. That project turned into an album with SZA, anyway, which is now on hold because she blew up and is too busy to finish it with them.

    I don’t think Gaga would be able to get involved with this since she has tracks on the upcoming BloodPop album. Pretty sure artists can only contribute to a certain amount of “outside” tracks per year*

    *This is based on an old contract I read, so it easily could have changed in the decades since, but it’s worth noting, I guess.
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  14. Damn I knew it was too good to be true
  15. Reasons why I’m cautious about this project. Although I guess it’s not relying on one artist, so the chances of it actually coming out are better.
  16. I hope this comes true as well as tbr SZA/Mark album
  17. First single is out tomorrow

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  18. BOP ALERT.
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  19. Finally
  20. oooh this sounds so good. I’m excited for this project.
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