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Silk City (Diplo and Mark Ronson)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. A BOP
  2. Well, it's no Electricity (what is?) but I'm bopping
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  3. Okay but this is a serve. Ellie needs to go Clown more often.
  4. This is so lush. Silk City really brings the best on both of them and I hope there will be an album in the future and Mark will get Gaga to do something.
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  5. The entire Brightest Blue campaign up until the release of Power doesn't count?
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  6. I’ll have to agree. The chorus... that’s not it.
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  7. It’s cute, and it’s easily the best song Ellie’s been attached to in years, but it’s definitely blander than I would have hoped.
  8. I'm bopping! The chorus is a biT teetering on annoyingly repetitive right now but I think it will grow on me. I don't like it as much as Electricity but it's a cute little bop.
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  9. It's just aggressively generic. The bridge is the best part and the video is better than the song.
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  10. I think I would really fuck with this if it had a slightly less shrill vocalist. Ellie trying to serve diva vocals is... not something I enjoy.
  11. It took six people to write this song and they couldn’t come up with a better chorus? I was hoping for the best, but I’m terribly disappointed.
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  12. Production is great as always but yeah Ellie's voice doesn't really suit this sound. Doesn't ruin the song or anything but it definitely would have been elevated with another singer.

    Also sis is giving us nothing in that video. Kinda awkward when you're being upstaged by the extras in your own video.
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  13. Yeah my main problem is that shitty chorus. That final post-chorus is cute though so I might revisit for that bit alone.
  14. It’s a cute little radio track.

    The little electricity nod is nice. It’s nice, I feel the locals will latch onto the chorus.
  15. The chorus is simplistic but reminiscent of classic house songs. The bridge is bit of mess but the production is nice.

    I think my least favourite thing about it is Ellie’s voice. I feel like it needed a more soulful vocal with some kind of rasp a la Robin S/Cece Penniston. Gaga would have killed that vocal.

    All in all, this didn’t transcend me like Electricity did.
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  16. They dropped another mixtape of influences

    Screaming at the bottle of poppers
  17. That album though.
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