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Simple Minds UK Singles Rate 1979-1989 WINNER REVEALED

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  1. One of Scotland's finest acts over the past 4 decades Simple Minds. Over the next few weeks we are going to look at the singles,chart positions and differing styles of the band from early experimental, through New Wave to Stadium Rock.[​IMG]

    Now onto the vote itself. Like all my other rates it is slightly different from most of the others in the fact you have the chance to give a 12 to your favourite track and also an 11. Everything else is 10 and below with 0.5 being the lowest.
    Tracks you can vote for
    Life in a Day
    Chelsea Girl
    I Travel
    The American
    Love Song
    Sweat in Bullet
    Promised you a miracle
    Glittering Prize
    Someone Somewhere (in Summertime)
    The Waterfront
    Speed your love to me
    Up on the catwalk
    Don’t you (Forget about me)
    Alive and Kicking
    Sanctify Yourself
    All the things she said
    Promised you a miracle (live)
    Belfast Child
    Mandela Day
    This is your land
    Kick it in
    Sign o’ the times
    Let it all come down
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  2. I forgot this was on the way!
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  3. Don't you (Forget to include me on this rate!)
    I'm away for a week on holiday but will be following this thread with great interest!
    Can't wait for the rating to begin!
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  4. You're only here for Jim's Glittering Prize.
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  5. It is time to look at the tracks for this rate. First a complete list with links to each track. Then those that charted along with their chart runs. Here are the first 3

    Life In A Day

    Chelsea Girl

    I Travel
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  6. Changeling


    Love Song
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  7. Sweat In Bullet


    Promised You A Miracle
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  8. Glittering Prize

    Someone Somewhere In Summertime

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  9. Speed Your Love To Me

    Upon The Catwalk

    Don't You Forget About Me
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  10. Alive & Kicking

    Sanctify Yourself

    All The Things She Said
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  11. Ghostdancing

    Promised You A Miracle (Live)
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  12. Belfast Child

    This Is Your Land

    Kick It In
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  13. AMSTERDAM EP - Let It All Come Down

    AMSTERDAM EP - Sign O' The Times

    AMSTERDAM EP - Jerusalem
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  14. There we go the complete list of all the tracks you can vote for. Must be in by Monday 15th October at Midnight.
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  15. I had a new gold dream....

    Fantastic run of singles.
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  16. Tomorrow we shall start looking at all the tracks individually giving chart runs where there are some. I shall be passing my own thoughts on the tracks as I do them, and I look forward to revealing yours at the end of the rate. Life In A Day shall start the look back Wednesday evening.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Life In A Day Entered Chart 12/5/79 67-62 Highest Chart Position 62
    Very different to what was to come later, this starts out like a very early audtion for the theme from Brookside even though we are 3 years away from that. An excellent piece of new wave that showed promise.
  18. [​IMG]
    Starts like it's a classical track and then becomes a thing of beauty. Chelsea Girl didn't chart in the UK.
  19. [​IMG]
    Another track that didn't chart but should have done. This is superb, one of my favourite Simple Minds tracks that just builds and builds until it hits it's peak.
  20. [​IMG]
    The final track before the band's major chart run begins. Early experimental new wave here which I do like but it isn't an immediate grower, took quite a while to draw me in to it's charms.
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