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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Another promising new artist associated with Black Butter Records (Gorgon City, Clean Bandit et al). She released an EP last week, Now - here's the first single:


    "Days with You" (Snakehips feat.) -

    "Boiling" (Disclosure feat.) -
    "Baby" (Rudimental feat. with MNEK) -
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  2. I loved her with Rudimental, it was about time!!
  3. New single "She Ain't Me", out 7th June:

    Album out this year! Credits include Two Inch Punch, TMZ, KOZ, James Fauntleroy, and Chloe Martini - Also, she's on BenZel's album (on a track written by Sia), and possibly Janet Jackson's (!!).

    So exciting that things seem to be coming together for her.
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  4. The video:

  5. I'm more than a tad in love with 'No Other Way', lemme check out the rest of her stuff.
  6. She reminds me of a Jessie J who is at peace with herself.
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  7. No. If anything she's more of a Katy B than a Jessie J.

    'She Ain't Me' is lovely.
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  8. New single!

  9. I love this. Her voice is a dream.
  10. Been listening to this girl all day. My stan card is being laminated as we speak.
  11. She's just so brilliant, isn't she? Although I do admit I prefer the N.O.W. EP to "She Ain't Me" and "Do It Anyway", which are still really good. I saw her at the MTV Brand New gig at the beginning of the year and she smiled at me because I was the only one singing along to "Paradise".

    Here's another interview - The album is called I'll Remain.
  12. "Do It Anyway" video. @Leopold is right, this all smacks of Jessie J minus the odious public persona and try-hard vocals.

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  13. New single is out! Produced by GRADES, which is why it's not too dissimilar from NAO's music

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  14. I love her music, this again is really good.

    We should appreciate her more, she always deliver.
  15. It's good, but I feel like her label don't know what to do with her. It's a shame because she's obviously talented but there's a lack personality on the staff she's released so far. It feels more like a record label trying different sounds to see what gets people's attention. The new song sounds a lot like NAO.
  16. Her new EP is incredible. I got chills listening to every single track.
  17. "Rather Be with You" is divine! "Say What You Mean" gives me the midsummer evening humidity of Aaliyah's best.

    Have Virgin dropped her? This was released via Rinse FM (a la Katy B). I really want an album at the very least, but ideally she should be getting chart hits and mainstream attention.
  18. "Rather be with you" now have a video. Interesting how she is basically same type as Anne Marie but somehow never breakout even though she have better songs.

    Btw anyone know who is the guy? Cause he is just my type(o na na na).
  19. Is this her off of Fame Academy?
  20. My favourite song from the EP, but this is the third Sinead video of her lazing around in her flat looking pensive - come on now, it wouldn't hurt to mix things up a bit!
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