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Sinead Harnett

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. This is such a pretty song - been listening to it loads today. (As well as Gallant's collaboration with Tia Ray which is also amazing)

    Also from the Youtube comments-
    "Thank you so much for your love & support, that's lifted me up through the years and gotten me to where I am now. About to drop this RnB album on you and come to see you on tour. Love you, Sinead x"
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  2. Debut album is out this Friday!

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  3. It’s a shame it took her like 5 years to put out a debut. Excited to dive in. Her voice is lovely.

    Lessons is very JoJo.
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  4. 6LACK cover + a short interview:

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  5. Live Lounge performances of All That You Are and Labrinth’s Jealous:

  6. I love this song so much

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  7. Be the One remix featuring Col3trane:

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