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Sinead O'Connor - New Album How About I Be Me & You Be You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by likeapen, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I haven't seen any other threads on here, and she's probably hugely unpopular in the world of popjustice but her new album is getting great reviews and the first single is beautiful

    The Wolf Is Gettin Married

    I for one love her, yes she does herself no favours, but something about her voice and delivery just gets me in the heart strings every time. How can anyone not like someone who brought us Thief Of My Heart, John I Love You, Heroine, Jealous and of course Nothing Compares 2 U. Go on ya good thing Sinead!
  2. I really like the single. You're right though, she doesn't make things easy on herself. I don't even think of her as someone who makes music, she's more like a crazy old cat lady figure!
  3. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Nothing Compares 2 U is one of the best songs of all-time but I really have not listened to much else from her...I've heard good things about this album so I might check it out.
  4. It is a good album but not her best. Certainly the best thing she has done in years.

    I did love Faith & Courage, especially the tracks she did with Dave Stewart.
  5. she completely is the crazy cat lady, here in Ireland its literally something every other day, and everyone just rolls there eyes thinking, there goes Sinead again. Its unfortunate because some of what she says is on the money but it gets lost in the noise.

    Hope this album does well for her, its certainly the most visible she's been in years.
  6. I'm really looking forward to this album and really enjoying what I've heard so far. Sinead's finest moments have been amazing over the years but I feel she's a bit of an underachiever creatively.
  7. Her performance of The Wolf Is Getting Married on Grahame Norton was really great. She seems really energised (at the moment).

    I've always been a huge fan, but her last couple of albums have been a bit hit and miss. But there's so much to like in her back catalogue.

    I think her true return to form was Faith And Courage, however there is some really good stuff on She Who Dwells as well.
  8. What albums would you suggest buying to someone unfamiliar with her back catalogue?
  9. MP3 album is £3.99 on Amazon.

    I really love it.
  10. There are two compilations worth checking out: the main one "So Far" (with the hits and other singles, from 1987 to 1997), and also "Collaborations" which, as the title suggests, brings together most of her work with other acts (Massive Attack, Asian Dub Foundation) and is probably the more rewarding. But it won't have the essential singles like Nothing Compares 2 U, Mandinka, Thank You For Hearing Me which are on So Far.
  11. Faith and Courage is her best album for me, although the new one is equally as good. I am glad to see her back in top 40 and top 5 in Ireland
  12. Actually I'm really impressed with this album. Every track is great except 1 (I deleted VIP immediately....I can do without religious Sinead...I prefer her ripping pope pics myself). Other than that crap track I would say this is definitely a return to form. And the single is the best thing she's done in 15 years.
  13. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I've only heard the title track which I wasn't that impressed with. However the reviews and impressive chart position has intrigued me. Her 'So Far' compilation is outstanding and is a shame she is considered by many as a one hit wonder when she is in fact an incredible singer/songwriter.
  14. This album is immense! I really love it. touches of Florence & the machine here and there - but mostly very HER and very listenable.
  15. LTG


    Just listened to The Wolf is Getting Married. Such a good song. I may have to investigate this album.
  16. In my eyes she can do absolutely no wrong. Absolute goddess.

    'Universal Mother' is her masterpiece in my eyes and THIS pretty much sums up everything that is amazing about her. So much courage, so much integrity, so much beauty, so much talent.

    A bit like Kesha???
  17. Oh I know, she's got balls of steel does Sinead. I'm loving this album, and its done well in Ireland, can't see her ever crossing over again though
  18. It makes me sad watching that clip, America really were tough on her after the whole pope thing.

    I was lucky enough to meet her today she was doing radio interview where my uni was and after being bought up on her music and admiring her throughout my life there was no way i was missing opportunity to meet her, so i went to studio to get a picture with her and my cds signed, she was so friendly!!

    Its great to see her doing so well again and having some chart success
  19. LTG


    Re: Sinead O'Connor - New Album How About I Be Me & You Be You

    I really really really like this album. It's the first full album of hers that I've ever listened to. My favourite songs are definitely Reason with Me, The Wolf is Getting Married and Queen of Denmark.
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