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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by undisco_me, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. I feel so lucky to have seen Sinead live countless times, one of the best live performers ever.
    I respect her decision but hope she changes her mind again in the future.
    Really looking forward to the new album in January.
  2. Bought the book at Barnes and Noble today, I'm really looking forward to it. I flipped around a bit and saw that she talks a bit about the albums, INCLUDING Am I Not Your Girl, which has always been my favorite one of hers. This is my first time posting in this thread so I also feel like I need to say Hold Back The Night should have been a slam dunk blockbuster single.
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  3. She'll change her mind, and in the meantime, that tweet will garner some more promo for the book. I can't think where I saw her live, but it was a few hundred of us in a dimply lit tent and out of the darkness came an acapella Nothing Compares 2 U that the audience joined with mid-way through. An utterly transcendent experience.
  4. I saw her in London just before the pandemic and it was honestly spellbinding, the love in the room was unreal. Yesterday I bought tickets for her show in Dublin in 2022 and then a few hours later retirement. Ultimately I support whatever she feels is best for her health and happiness, but I do hope in the future she feels differently, that voice is such is a gift, it's hard to comprehend I won't hear it live again. The book is amazing, i'm so glad that she's finally getting the credit and understanding she deserves, as an Irish person, she's my most important 'home' artist, and not being able to go home during this pandemic, Sinead has been my gateway throughout the past 18 months in a major way.
  5. Thankfully her retirement was short-lived:

  6. Welcome back Sinead, that made me smile.
  7. LTG


  8. 3 days between these posts, kii. I know my pop gurls.

    Anyway, I'm gonna quote from the other thread but there are new releases on the horizon

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  9. Sinéad has retracted her retraction and confirms her retirement.

  10. I wonder if it's as exhausting being Sinead O'Connor as at times it seems. Second to that I wonder if its as exhausting being a Sinead O'Connor fan. I loved her work in the late-80's / some of the 90's, but Faith and Courage was the last thing she delivered that really made me sit up and pay attention over two decades ago.

    I'd like to think this really is her taking a break and an end to those kind of messages, but how many times have we been here before? I look forward to another cumbersome, angry rant retraction on Tuesday, and of course we may now look forward to parallel outbursts to retire from writing, return to music, retire from music, return to tweeting, return to writing, retire from tweeting and writing, return to tweeting, retire from music, writing and tweeting and taking up crochet.

    Do we have option to tweet Sinead to declare we are retiring from her? I may give The Lion and The Cobra a spin for old times sake. Either way, I still thank her for the music and wish her peacefulness.
  11. This is why it’s important to delete draft tweets.
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  12. I just played The Lion And The Cobra last night... what an album.
    I’m really looking forward to the new album in April, I’m sure it won’t really be her last no matter what she says.
    But if it is then what a body of work she has given us, thank you.
  13. Hopefully whichever label picked up her new album had the good sense to record any videos or promotional material well in advance.
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  14. Knowing Sinead she may pretend she never said no promo.
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  15. That farewell message is a bitsy iconic in all of its "fuck the racist" glory. I can't really be mad at her for wanting a quiet life and getting coin in a much easier way than touring. And there's still (at least) one more album in the horizon so everybody wins. Unless you refuse to listen to any music from the current millennium, I guess.

    Girl... drink some water and unfollow her Twitter if it's so exhausting, nobody's forcing you.
  16. What an album! The Lion & The Cobra is a breath-taking experience all these years later. On a Friday night in 2021 I'm catapulted right back to 1988 and that very first time I heard Mandinka as it snuck into the top 40 - that song demanded my attention from the opening seconds.

    And whatever Sinead goes on to do, I hope she just gets better at ignoring unhelpful comments. As a guide to living a happy life, it works for me.

  17. Honestly? Jealous!
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  19. Does anyone know the story behind the song “How About I Be Me” on the album, “I’m Not Bossy”... the album the preceded it was “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?”. Was the song originally written for that album?
  20. How About I Be Me? was originally a reggae-type song:

    It was released digitally before the album of the same name but not included on it. A new version was recorded for I'm Not Bossy but have no idea what the reasons were behind any of this.
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