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Singer in the City (Ramona Singer/RHONY spin-off show)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Apr 27, 2022.

  1. Kii.

    Just kidding!
  2. Geez - I might finally get to use that ‘report’ button after all ddd
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  3. The ordacity!!! I literally thought maybe she got a talk show at Fox News or something.
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  4. You don’t support other women!
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  5. @JohnnyPunani1991

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  6. Some of you girls DON'T WEAR MASKS IN THE OCEAN!!! and it shows.
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  7. Join woman-about-town Ramona Mazur Singer as she navigates the HUSTLE AND BUSTLE of the big apple! Her and her great aunt Avery Singer are here to show New York what a REAL Housewife can do.

    Embarking on an anti-skin journey, watch as Ramona and Avery tackle the day-to-day stresses, triumphs, and COMEDIC MOMENTS of New York MAVENS!

    Featuring guest appearances from image consultant Amanda Saunders, party planner Jennifer Gilbert, Quogue queen Cindy Barshop, Ibiza ambassador Rey, and dry-clean master JOHN MAHDESSIAN!

    You'll have so much fun, shitting the floor isn't ALL you'll be doing!

    So come check out the sexy, septuagenarian sultress of segregation: Singer in the City!!

    This fall on Zeus.
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  8. upload_2022-4-28_0-55-35.gif
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  9. I HATE you, you're my favorite person.
  10. This thread is a mess
  11. I know I can't believe Bravo would do this.
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  12. Edu


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  13. This thread....
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  14. I'm ready and willing to commit a hate crime against my own community. A Fagikaze, if you will.
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