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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by indiepopgirl, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Most people on this forum talk about Rihanne, Lady Gage etc, but maybe it's a good idea to start a topic about good indie-pop music. I love the music on Grey's Anatomy. I love Mat Kearney, Cary Brothers and more. What about you? Any tips?
  2. Why is this thread called "singer-songwriters"?

    Makes no sense.
  3. Because everybody could post their favorite singer songwriters?
  4. You mention Lady GaGa as if she is not a singer songwriter.
  5. Yes but your post is about indie-pop.

    Are you saying mainstream popstars don't write songs?
  6. My favourite singer-songwriters are Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.
  7. Miley doesn't write her own songs does she? I'm sure she only writes as much as Britney or Rihanna.
  8. I fucking love Rihanne and Lady Gage.
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  9. 11/12 on Can't be Tamed (four of them just with one other writer, including the AMAZING Take Me Along) and 9/12 on Breakout
  10. Guess I must have got that from her biggest hits Party In the U.S.A and The Climb. As well as her Hannah Montana stuff.
  11. I love when indie hipsters come on here and make it obvious they haven't got a clue about pop music. It's Popjustice. The clue is in the name.

    UKsinglemom wouldn't have stood for this.
  12. Bubbles will have his way with the OP.
  13. Merzbeef

    Merzbeef Guest

    I am glad we finally can have a thread for alt, credible, Pitchfork-approved music to wash away the stigma of lamestream cheese-pop. My favorite chillwave/witch house artist is Willow Smith.
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  14. Why is everyone being so mean? Welcome indiepopgirl.
  15. Burn her!
  16. Regina Spektor.

    And Nadine clearly.
  17. SHE'S A WITCH!
  18. BruceFan93

    BruceFan93 Guest

    Go back to Pitchfork bitch
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  19. Softcore cyber-bullying aside, I like Ingrid Michaelson she's so relaxing.
  20. Bonnie McKee, Nikka Costa, Delta Goodrem.

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