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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by indiepopgirl, Feb 7, 2011.

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    I bet she has a fixed-gear bike.
  2. Guys, I don't think a hipster would talk about music played on Grey's Anatomy.
  3. So we are allowed to call new posters bitches now?
    Nice one. Disgusting
    Instead of being a try hard on a pop forum, why don't you give the poster tips on how they could have constructed their post better?
    Some of my fave singer-songwriters are Washington & Sophie Koh.
    Missy Higgins & Xavier Rudd are a couple of Australia's biggest too.
  4. 1.Katy Perry
    2.Britney Spears
    3.Eliza Doolittle
    4.Marina & The Diamonds
    5.Lady GaGa
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    shut up bitch ho yo skanky skank wit ur ripped leggins and ur half assed weaveeeeeeee
  6. hmmm:

    My favourite singer-songwriters would be

    Alanis Morissette, Lisa Marie presley and Bjork
  7. Hey there, there's a thread in Q&A which may give you some inspiration, a thread where nobody's being deliberately pedantic in lieu of having nothing better to do.
  8. Foy vance was on greys
    he's ace
  9. I love Ellie Goulding, she is heavily involved with her writing and 'Lights' is a flawless album.

    Nadine of course. :)

    I actually don't know very many, introduce me...
  10. Alanis
    Joshua Radin
    Cary Brothers
    Ben Lee
    Regina Spektor
    Mandy Moore
    Sufjan Stevens
    Maria Mena
    Schuyler Fisk
    Libbie Schrader
    The Kahn Brothers
  11. would Kings Of Convenience fall into this category?
  12. This thread becomes a hundred times funnier when you realise @indiepopgirl is actually a Dutch singer named Dotan who made a straw account to promote his songs, and shat out a few random threads to throw off the scent.

    (He was exposed this week for having made over 140 fake accounts praising him and his music, and making up stories about him interacting with a terminally ill fan. Lucia Cole is shook.)
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