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Singles Run Spoiled By One Song

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. If you had to pick one song from any era by any artist that spoiled the flow, what would it be and why? It could be it's chart placement the fact it was just a bizarre single choice compared to other songs, or you just simply dislike the song!

    For me, I would have to start off with saying that Kylie's Aphrodite album was let down by having Better Than Today as single #3. All The Lovers and Get Outta My Way (despite it's flopness) are modern day Kylie classics and kicked off what could have been her best run of single since the Fever days. But than this came along and killed the flow completely. Perfectly serviceable as a catchy album track, but no where near worthy to be a single where extra sales for the album could have been gained during the Festive season when it was released. Deserved to limp to #32, and what with that and Kylie's infamous 'soon' response on The X Factor to it's release date, no wonder the campaign soon died an early death.
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  2. Ray


    "In Your Eyes"
    "Please Stay"
    "I Was Gonna Cancel"

    Parlophone have been spoiling Kylie's campaigns for ages.
  3. Sad but true! In fact this whole thread could be solely Kylie related down to so many poor choices.
  4. I don't even remember how Better Than Today goes.
    Why is this in the Comeback corner?
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  5. Did I start it in the wrong thread?
  6. Well I think it can apply to Comeback Corner because we bring up past campaigns.

    Some might argue "Oh, Father" killed the Like a Prayer campaign in the U.S. when it was Madonna's first song to not hit the Top Ten since Holiday and the first single from Like a Prayer to hit the top summit. The same could be said for Bad Girl with the Erotica campaign (U.S. too).
  7. I'm not surprised in a way that Oh Father missed the USA Top 10. It's subject matter may have been to heavy for people who still at one time wanted perky pop from Madonna. Though of course even then she was staring to move on from that. I still wonder why the UK didn't get it for another 6 years and got Dear Jessie instead.
  8. "What It Feels Like A Girl" was not the best choice for Music's 3rd single, especially since the video version was not the original but a remix that didn't fit into the sound of the album. It would be better to either go for "Impressive Instant" or "Amazing" for something more upbeat or "Paradise (Not For Me)" or "Gone" for something slower.
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  9. I don't think you can count Oh Father as a 1989 release. It was only really issued in France (and who actually saw this until years later anyway) and Japan, the US only had a jukebox 7", so it did not spoil her Like A Prayer singles run.
  10. I hate that remix so much. Completey took out the whole heart and soul of the song.
  11. As I cannot stand the original version, I like the choice of using the remix. Sorry, don't hate me more!
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  12. He he, it's all good! Everyone has their own personal taste. And I don't hate you!
  13. I know it was huge, but Heal The World. Ugh.

    And at the time Heart felt like a misstep from the PSB, although it went on to be another #1.
  14. Don't even PSB themselves like that one so much? I find Heart quite catchy myself he he.
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  15. The one the PSBs shouldn't like so much is fucking 'Winner' - how did that happen when 'A Face Like That' was available? In my book 'Winner' killed the run from 'West End Girls' onwards!
  16. I like Heart more now than I did in 1987/88. It felt like a filler on Actually, and then the 7" remix seemed a bit better but still very slight by their standards. Of course, I wasn't to know what lay in store a few years later!
  17. Heart for me is really weird. It certainly does not feel like a single and certainly not a number one or song that anyone thinks of when they think of Pet Shop Boys, don't it?
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  18. Love In The Key Of C - it was just too mellow. People weren't there for Belinda in a blue dress and some kind of big white overgown. And I still have no idea what the song is about.
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  19. That whole era is a bit strange for me - it kicked off with one of my least favourite Imperial Phase singles (It's A Sin), which promptly became a smash. Then at first I bizarrely didn't even like the Dusty duet (nearly spitting out my Rice Krispies the morning I first heard it on the radio). Rent was a brave choice for the next single, and then came the curveball of Always On My Mind..not part of the album, but their biggest-ever smash, taking them to a new level commercially. So by the time of Heart, I wasn't sure what to make of it all because no matter what tracks they chose, they were hitting the mark on the Top 40.
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  20. Human League had a great run of singles 81-83 which was ruined by guitars,but to go further I need your loving in 86 killed it dead until the 90's.
    Sound if the crowd 12
    Love action 3
    Open your heart 6
    Don't you want me 1
    Being boiled 6
    Mirror man 2
    Fascination 2
    The Lebanon 11
    Life on your own 16
    Louise 13
    Human 8
    I need your loving 72
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