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Sinitta - Toy Boy 2007

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by zephyr, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Has this been mentioned yet? SHould it be?

    I read on her website that she''s working on this for an August release to celebrate 20 years after the realease or something....

    Anyone know if this is legit and if there''s an actualy release date, record company etc....?
  2. OOh! I hope so! I love the original!

    Cringe-worthy, I know!
  3. I think this (along with her autobiography) has been in the works for a while. I''m sure she mentioned "So Macho 99" in Q Magazine in 1999.

    She needs to do a proper Greatest Hits with DVD and tour.
  4. There was a Sonia Greatest Hits released last week. True! It''s not got anything from her first album/Chrysalis deal on it tho... it''s about £5. It''s on Play with nasty artwork... so a Sinitta one could be a reality!
  5. Oh my God! that''s awful! Is that Dawn French on the cover?!
  6. Didn''t the guy that co-wrote ''So Macho'' become a born-again god-botherer and now funds gay to staight ''healing'' on the back of the royalties that he gets paid twice a year?

    In my youth I attended a Christian festival with some friends and listened to a speaker who was ''cured''. He spent the time after the event checking out my friend''s crotch, whilst purporting to claim that he didn''t even think about cock any longer and loved his new wife dearly.

    I know it''s all about the music, but this would put me off buying the CD, particularly as anyone who claims to be cured is just suffering from internalised homophobia and pressure from the right wing fundamentalists.

    Gosh, that was all a bit heavy for a Saturday morning. Let me lighten it up with saying how nice Sinitta''s hair looks these days.
  7. Sinitta planned to have Toy Boy 2007 out for august...but she told me that if she couldnt find a proper record company who would had produced it she was going to put the cd in the autobiography that should be out for Xmas...I suggested to do a Book + Greatest Hits thing... she liked the idea and we''ll se what will happen...
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Wet all over!
    it''s gonna be a S''nitty Xmas!
  9. She was supposed to be performing "Toy Boy 2007" at Nightingales in Birmingham last weekend but if she did I didn''t notice it sounding any different to the old version.

    She should drag back Felix Howard, or whatever the kid she stole from Madonna in the video is called.
  10. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Isn''t it also the first pop video with a mobile phone on it?
    Always the pioneer, she was also the template for Mel B you know.
  11. Why not ask him?
  12. Oh dear, just had a look. Oh dear.
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