Siouxsie and the Banshees vs Cocteau Twins vs Shakespears Sister Rate: Complete


Welcome to the rate celebrating three iconic UK-based acts and their extremely talented frontwomen and backing singers (#poormarcella). The idea is to put together their most accessible (read: poppiest) efforts from roughly the same period of time (which in this case is early 90s) and see how the individual songs will fare against one another.

Our contenders are three quite wonderful and diverse albums:

- In 1990 Cocteau Twins gave us a dream pop masterpiece. Will its commendable commitment to cohesion and poetically surreal lyrics work in its favour or to its detriment?

- 1991 saw Siouxsie and the Banshees bring Stephen Hague on board and record their most mainstream offering. Its 'baroque' production seems to be all-encompassing, not letting the vocals break the surface and come up for air. Will such stylistic convention be the album's undoing?

- 1992 brought huge success to Shakespears Sister, for which the price had to be paid. Their blockbuster of an album has the markings of early 90s trend-follower. Will its standard pop nature cause it to be seen as inferior to the other two?

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Kiss Them for Me
Fear (of the Unknown)
Little Sister
Silly Thing
Got to Get Up
Silver Waterfalls
The Ghost in You

Face to Face
Staring Back
I Could Be Again
Spiral Twist
Sea of Light

Cherry-Coloured Funk
Pitch the Baby
Iceblink Luck
Fifty-Fifty Clown
Heaven or Las Vegas
I Wear Your Ring
Wolf in the Breast
Road, River and Rail
Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires

Mizake the Mizan

Goodbye Cruel World
I Don't Care
My 16th Apology
Are We in Love Yet
Emotional Thing
Black Sky
The Trouble With Andre
Let Me Entertain You
Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Remember My Name

  • Score the above 44 songs from 0-10. Use any decimals you want.
  • Like in other rates, you have the option to bestow an 11 on your absolute favourite.
  • Commentary isn't required, but the results will feel pretty empty if you don't write any.
  • Please rate your preferred version of a track. Remixes won't be counted separately.
  • Extras are NOT optional.
  • To vote, click on my username, select 'Start a Conversation' and send me a list (please use the PM-ABLE LIST from spoiler) along with your scores and any commentary you feel like writing.
  • I encourage everybody to evaluate the songs fairly. That said, feel free to hand out low scores as long as you provide an explanation for your 0s (and 10s.)
  • The voting period is from 10.09.18 to 08.10.18. That gives us 4 weeks, which I feel is optimal for 44 tracks. There is an option to extend the voting period until 15.10.18 but not longer than that.
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I'll definitely participate! I'm a huge fan of Siouxsie and like Cocteau Twins a lot too, but I never really delved into the Shakespears Sister discography... I just hope it's better than You're History.
I'm so glad to hear that! And I would put the entire Hormonally Yours album above You're History in terms of quality. It might not be the strongest album here, but it has it's fair share of worthwile moments, even outside of Stay.
Not knowing many of the songs here, I am pulling for Stay to take this! On my to do list if I have the time for sure as 90% of the tracks would be discoveries..