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Sirens - Dreams (5th single discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smoke My Cigar, Jul 27, 2008.

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    So I guess I can now post that 'Dreams' is the new single (2nd from the 'Say Goodbye To LA LA Land' album) now that 3 new mixes have been uploaded to their official Myspace page: and it even has a spanking new radio edit rather than the album version being released.

    Not too sure when the release is yet but can't wait for it as always. It's not my favourite track from the album but the radio mix is amazing!
  2. They NEED to release the retro edit instead!
  3. I like Dreams... Great track!
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    The B*witching styling and Vignesh liking them sealed their fate just now!
  5. i love the sirens ...they're the best new girlband this year.
  6. Except they're not new at all but in fact about 5years old.
  7. Exactly. And the rest. Been together since the late 90's and signed in 2002.
  8. omg really? where is thier earlier stuff? i just heard of them this year.
  9. Their first single 'Things Are Gettin Better' was released summer 2003, followed by 'Baby (Off The Wall)' in summer 2004 and the debut album 'Control Freaks' 2 weeks later. They also released a mid-release single 'Love Hurts' in November 2005 which isn't featured on either of their albums.
  10. I read somewhere Love Hurts was from a scheduled second album called "Ressurection," but when that other bint got ejected from the group, they cancelled it. Theres a bunch of tracks that were written for it registered on ASCAP I seem to recollect.

    I actually thought they might promote properly with this album, but they obviously seem quite content with a smattering of fans and a couple of flop albums and singles.

    Shame really - as the have potential to be a lot bigger than some of the other tripe out at the moment
  11. I'm gonna have to agree with Matt here and say the Retro Edit should be the one that's released. It was the version that immediately stuck out at me... and I actually had it on repeat quite a bit the other day. Hopefully they can release a remix EP or something on the US iTunes so I can have in on my iPod.
  12. Yep that's correct, the second album was originally titled 'Resurrection'. 'Bang Bang' was going to be the following single after 'Love Hurts' but Lynsey left and eventually it never even made it onto the final album. 'Little Girl' off the new CD is one of those early tracks originally titled 'Ups And Downs' and there were a few other titles like 'Who Paid The Bill?' etc, which I'm told were never finished.
  13. That isn't really how it works. They can't promote if nobody will book them. They'd probably love to have lots of fans and massive sales, and would be perfectly happy to promote and perform at anywhere that would have them. But nobody will have them unfortunately.
  14. They're supporting Taio Cruz this summer...
  15. Well there we are then - promotion will begin this summer!
  16. Nice to see this as the song of the day - very nice!
  17. My vote is still for the Retro Edit
    I can imagine Galaxy FM fawning over it.
  18. Absolutely love this track. The chorus is especially good. Top 40 hopefully?
  19. At last something! A bit of promo... Good for them.
  20. Unfortunately they had to drop out of the support gigs, but the single will be promo'd to the clubs in the next few weeks so hopefully people will be hearing the song very soon!
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