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Sirens - Say Goodbye To LA LA Land (Second Album topic)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smoke My Cigar, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. So the second Sirens album 'Say Goodbye To LA LA Land' is finally set to be released in June, is anyone else excited for this? I've been a firm fan since 'Things Are Gettin' Better' and all the tracks that have been previewed for the album so far are amazing!

    the album cover:


    Here's hoping 'Smoke My Cigar' and 'Own Thing' are future singles.
  2. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    I love that cover. I didn't care for that song that PopJustice featured ways back though.
  3. 'Club LA LA' didn't really appeal to me when it was first put on their myspace in 2006 but after five or six listens it grew a lot. The remix package is also really strong too, I'm loving the DaVinChe, DJ Q Bassline and Jody Den Broeder remixes!
  4. LA LA is gonna b a big hit! i love it

    i got it as a ring tone so make sure you get it i txted LA LA to 82822

    sirens is the best foget pussy cat dolss!!!!

  5. I know they're amazing. I especially like the bassline remix. there's a new mixtape for free download on their myspace too!
  6. The mixtape is great, am so addicted to 'Smoke My Cigar' it really is seriously fucking amazing.
  7. I hope Club La La becomes a huge hit.... I would be so happy for them.
  8. The singles released May 28th so hopefully even more people will get to hear it by then and it can get some good sales, I know I'll be picking up my copies as soon as they're released and the album too!

    Am surprised to see the single and album still aren't listed on HMV, Amazon or anything like that yet though.
  9. It seems the Jody Den Broeder Full Vocal mix will be available to download from iTunes on May 19th (this coming Tuesday) as an ITUNES EXCLUSIVE! All the other remixes and the radio version will be able to download from Monday 2nd June from download sites, no idea what's happening with a physical release?

    Can't wait to buy these mixes though, they all sound great!

    EDIT: The album is released on June 16th and can be pre-ordered here:

    1. Club La La
    2. E-A-S-Y
    3. Dreams
    4. Build A Bridge
    5. When The Sirens Go Off
    6. I Wonder
    7. Rockstar
    8. Little Girl
    9. Smoke On My Cigar
    10. Own Thing
    11. Cry Baby
  10. Just a quick note guys – the release of Sirens single ‘Club La La’ along with complete remix package, has been moved to June 2nd. Visit their myspace for more details.
  11. Oh wow... Best album cover I've seen so far... More so from a girl group... Love it!
  12. Why is it that Love Hurts isn't on there, yet Love Hurts B-side Build a Bridge is??
  13. I guess because of how long ago it was released and they probably just wanted to have a fresh first single to unleash the album with, if they had included 'Love Hurts' than 'LA LA' would be classed as the albums second single. Plus, as amazing as 'Love Hurts' was, not that many people really 'got' it, to this day people still seem to think it's about bondage!

    I can definatly understand 'Build A Bridge' being on there though, it's a gorgeous cover and was originally going to be featured on the album back in 2006 anyway - it was included on a 3 track album sampler sent out in December 2005 as well as 'Love Hurts' and the cancelled follow-up single 'Bang Bang'.
  14. I still don't really understand though.

    For people that follow them, even only very little, love hurts was a corker.

    Never saw the appeal of build a bridge myself.
  15. ‘Club La La’ Is now out! Click here to purchase from itunes!

  16. Darn awesome I say. Any ideas wot the first single will be?? I vote 'Smoke My Cigar.'
  17. Well the first single was 'Club LA LA' but I'd love 'Smoke My Cigar' to be a single (hence my username). 'Little Girl' would really show a different side to them which would be good and I wouldn't be surprised if 'Dreams' was pulled out as a future single. This album is full of potential hits. I also can't express how amazing 'Crybaby' and 'Own Thing' are. Then there's 'When The Sirens Go Off'. Okay, okay, I'll stop now.

    You can hear a sampler with some longer clips of 4 of the tracks here though
  18. That's what I like to hear, U know your onions 4 sure matey. These girls just can't do no wrong in my eyes. Any idea who the producers are without me trawling the mighty in-ter-net?
  19. Haha well I'm a long time follower of the band - they can't do any wrong in my eyes either!

    From what I've read, been told, remember etc the producers are:

    Justin Trugman ('Own Thing')
    DC Joseph ('Crybaby', 'Dreams', 'Build A Bridge')
    DeeKay ('Smoke My Cigar', 'I Wonder')
    Wayne Rodrigues ('Club LA LA', 'E-A-S-Y', 'Little Girl', 'Rockstar', 'When The Sirens Go Off feat. D-Roc')

    I could very possibly be wrong about some of those though.
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