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☆★ Sistar Discography Rate ★☆ | WINNER REVEALED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Ddddd that teaser, what the hell.
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  2. This one hurts...

    na eotteokhae what should I do?

    Loving U (2012)


    Average Score: 8.45
    Highest Score: 10 @lalaclairi_ , @Slice of Life , @Squashua , @ryan_riot92 , @Serg.
    Lowest Score: 5.5 @Alouder98
    My score: 10

    One of my fave Sistar tracks! Loving U is another one of Sistar's significant releases as it ushered in their wave of special Summer singles, and they kicked it off with a stone cold BAWP.

    The girls return to their more cheerful and girly origins with the sparkling and bubbly track, the entire run of the track is a burst of sunshine and glitter. Loving U has shades of old meets new - the song has an air of 1950s-Pop breeziness meets modern synthpop that gives the track an instant familiarity despite being entirely fresh. The good vibrations on the track is absolutely infectious - you can't help but feel warm and fuzzy when listening to Loving U.

    Just because the track is so overt in it's pop and positivity doesn't mean there isn't any artistry to it - the way the girls coo in the dreamy pre-chorus is so beautiful and then it all bursts into cheerful and bright chorus.

    Hyloyn is of course a vocal powerhouse and essential to all things Sistar, but personally Soyou steals the show - her husky tone in the pre-chorus and middle-8 adds another dimension to the song, adding a more rough around the edges twist to the song.

    The video captures the joy of the song, with the girls enjoying a holiday in Hawaii and cost Starship USD$169,000 (I keep seeing this brought up as some sort of siginificant fact when it sounds quite cheap to me?)

    Loving U was a success for Sistar, peaking at #1 on the Gaon Music Chart. Loving U was also the 9th best-selling song and 3rd best by a girl group in 2012. (Thanks again, @Sanctuary !)


    I'M GOING TO GET THE NEGATIVITY OUT OF THE WAY BECAUSE I JUST WONT STAND FOR LOVING U SLANDER - @Vixen describing the song as "The sort of song that I hate, but creeps on me. Ugh."

    Loving U was the start of something special for @Squashua - "My first Sistar song will always have a place in my heart. A singalong summer epic, with brass I always found kinda Christmassy by contrast, that's so bubbly I dare you not to finish the three minutes with a big grin on your face. The beginning of their seasonal Korean reign."

    @ryan_riot92 wasn't a fan at first - "Summer bop forever. I honestly wasn’t too keen on this song when I first heard it but if LAWD help me not put on a sailor suit when I hear it come on. The video is pretty cute too."

    @Slice of Life comments on how Loving U changed the Kpop game - "Literally started the summer concept trend. Trendsetting Kweens! I think this is still Sistar's best summer song. I Swear came close but there's just something special about Loving U. That chorus is impossible to resist. And the whole song is just right. It doesn't come off as a cheap summer single... cough Party cough."

    And finally we have @Serg. simply summing it up - "Truly queens of summer."

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  3. End of an era...

    naega junbihan wine dalkomhan chocolate chocolate
    (I prepared some wine, sweet chocolate chocolate)

    Touch My Body (2014)


    Average Score: 9.09
    Highest Score: 10 @Alouder98 , @Sanctuary , @Slice of Life , @Squashua , @ryan_riot92 , @GeiPanda , @Deja-Boo
    Lowest Score: 6 @junglefish
    My score: 9

    Despite raining in 10s, Touch My Body falls just shy of the KPJ Sistar Top 5.

    Touch My Body feels like a moment for Sistar, capturing the group in their absolute peak - they have never looked and sounded so bombastic, confident and self assured. The track and video encapsulated the very essense of the group into one song - it's fun, flirty, playful and sexy.

    The track was perfect for the time it was released - taking the saxophone riff trend that was sweeping pop at the time but with a Sistar edge, adding hints of the Queens of Summer sound they adopted but with a more sexy and playful edge to set Touch My Body apart.

    The track is an absolute KPop force - the synth pop and aforementioned horns throughout the track adding a perk and playfulness that the girls absolute play off with their sugary sweet voices. Then we get to the chorus which is probably Sistar at their most addictive.

    And then we have the video - it's quite a visual feast of bright colours. The girls look absolutely amazing and the choreography is iconic full of moments - the playful leg lift butt wiggle move, that chest sweep. Sistar set tongues wagging and the summer sun blazing with Touch My Body.


    The thrill of summer Sistar never dulled on @Slice of Life - "THAT ICONIC PEEING DOG DANCE MOVE OH MY GOD. When everyone were getting tired of Sistar's summer bops, I was still getiing my absolute life."

    Touch My Body was the summer gift that keeps on giving for @lalaclairi_ - "I didn't like Touch My Body at first but it's grown on me every summer since it was released."

    You can leave @Vixen if you're not having fun - "Meh. I like the post-chorus thingy, I guess. Or is that the chorus? Who knows. It's just not that good either."

    @Squashua considers Touch My Body as Sistar's signature track according, which also helped him during trying times - "If there's one track the girls are going to be remembered for in the wider public consciousness it is this butt-pad rattling, wooden leg shaking summer jam to end all summer jam. Wish it didn't finish out of the slow down middle 8 so quickly but there's literally nothing else to critique. I remember this being a glimmer of radiantly ridiculous sunshine during 2014's very very bad summer months for me personally." The beauty and power of pop music!

    @ryan_riot92 considers this the pinnacle of summer Kpop - "QUEENS OF SUMMER!! This is THE K-Pop song that comes to mind with any mention of summer. Everything about this makes you wanna throw a summer party and dance the night away. The sax, the color, the BOOTY … you can never go wrong with booty."

    Finally, we have @Serg. pondering whether the Queens of Summer were responsible for nails in the coffin for the Queen of Christmas - "So this is the reason Mariah's career suddenly took a downfall?"

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  4. Definitely not the top 5 I was expecting (where did all the summer jams go?) but pretty sure Alone has this in the bag. Personally, I think I’d go:

    5. Lonely
    4. Gone Not Around Any Longer
    3. Give It To Me
    2. Alone
    1. I Like That
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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Everythings is a 10 so no complaints from this unnie. xoxo
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  7. 5. Alone
    4. Gone Not Around Any Longer
    3. Give It To Me
    2. Lonely
    1. I Like That

    based on my scores, but very solid top 5
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  8. How are y'all going to disrespect the summer anthem of all summer anthems??
    It's just... iconic. They're all in top-form and it could easily be Top 3.
    The lewks, the choreo, that iconic Hyolyn vocal moment 2 minutes in.
    Even Bora slaying her rap and killing her.

    I hate that I can't find that iconic "2016 transitioning into 2017" tweet that uses the moment at 2:00


    The Top 5 should go:

    5. Gone Not Around Any Longer
    4. Alone
    3. Lonely
    2. Give It To Me
    1. I Like That
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  9. 5. Give It To Me
    4. Gone Not Around Any Longer
    3. Lonely
    2. I Like That
    1. Alone

    And that's sincerely Bora.
  10. To be honest, I feel like I didn't let most songs marinate long enough. Would probably scored 'Touch My Body' a tad higher today, dddd.

    The only acceptable outcome is this :

    5. Lonely
    4. Gone Not Around Any Longer
    3. Alone
    2. Give It To Me
    1. I Like That

    So don't mess it up peasants. xoxo
  11. Sorry for the delay, I got my wisdom teeth taken out earlier in the week and was a bit too out of it to wrap up the rate!

    With time, everything will be forgotten
    And so will you...

    Lonely (2017)


    Average Score: 9.10
    Highest Score: 10 @Alouder98 , @Sanctuary , @Slice of Life , @Serg. , @junglefish , @Deja-Boo
    Lowest Score: 7 @ryan_riot92 , @Vixen
    My score: 9.5

    Bowing out at #5 is Lonely, the final ever Sistar title track.

    The track is an acoustic-styled R&B midtempo ballad with slight reggae bounce. The track sounds current and modern, words that cannot be said for a majority of Sistar's other midtempos/ballads. Lyrically the song is a break-up song with the girls singing about coming to terms with the end of a relationship - however it can also be interpreted as the girls coming to terms with the break up of the band:
    Baby baby lonely lonely lonely
    Is this it?
    Why is this happening? Why only me?
    Why am I lonely again?
    Baby baby lonely lonely lonely
    Is this love?
    Am I the only one who changed?
    Are we fighting or are we dating?

    Lonely was produced by the duo Black Eyed Pilseung, the team behind previous Sistar title tracks Touch My Body and I Like That. Lonely explores new ground for both Black Eyed Pilseung and Sistar - both perhaps known more for incredibly infectious uptempo numbers than (good) emotional ballads. The girls themselves sound divine on Lonely, and they all sound the best they ever have - even poor Bora sounds good with her hushed rapped verse.

    I've seen comments around that it was disappointing for Sistar, the undisputed Queens of Summer, to bow with a ballad instead of a guns-blazing uptempo affair, but in my opinion Lonely completes a trio (along with Touch My Body and I Like That) that illustrates the group's growth and evolution of sounds and styles they explored throughout their discography. Touch My Body sounds like the end point of the unapologetically uptempo style they did in the past with tracks like Push Push, How Dare You (they attempted to recapture the magic of Touch My Body with Duble Sidekick on Shake It and that turned out to be one of their worst title tracks); I Like That sounds like the apex of the dramatic and moody tracks like Alone and Give It To Me; and Lonely completes the trio by seeing the group finally mastering the art of the ballad.

    The fact that Black Eyed Pilseung was behind all three illustrate how they proved to be Sistar's greatest partners.

    We'll miss you, Sistar.


    @ryan_riot92 was one of the people who wished they went out on a banger - "I’m still not a huge fan of this track. I would have rather they went out with a summer smash bop …"

    @Vixen wasn't a massive fan, but did agree that it was one of their better slower moments - "This is slightly above some of their downtempo songs, but still not my cup of tea. It doesn't go anywhere - which I feel like is something I've repeated over and over again, but I feel like it's a valid comment on a lot of their songs. Everything feels one-note."

    @lalaclairi_ complimented Dasom's outro - "'Soon everything will be forgotten, including you' ends the song beautifully."

    Lonely gets @Squashua all emotional - "Bittersweet personified - the lyrics break me apart, especially the spoken word ending. Once the disbandment passed, and the summer seemed to gift me a hundred over sad songs to lie in bed morosely to, my listening to this evaporated but that doesn't stop it being one of the best goodbye singles of recent years. The video, in all its sigh-heavy wanderlust, is also beautiful and one of their best."

    But @Serg. summed it up best - " :(((( "

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  12. I feel like this one will cause a bit of a stir

    amuri wonhago aewonhaedo
    nunmullo chaewojin binjariman
    (No matter how much I want and beg, there’s only your empty spot, filled with tears)

    Give It To Me (2013)


    Average Score: 9.23
    Highest Score: 10 @Sanctuary , @Slice of Life , @Squashua, @ryan_riot92 , @Serg. , @Vixen
    Lowest Score: 7 @GeiPanda , 7.5 @Alouder98
    My score: 10

    Sistar well and truly shook off their charming Brave Brothers ratchetery in 2013 with a more theatrical look, sound and style via Give It To, their second in a long line of collaborations with Duble Sidekick, and showed the group in an absolutely different light. (It's a shame the Give It To Me album is so poor, though)

    Give It To Me sounded unlike anything either Sistar or Duble Sidekick had done before - the soaring strings and a baroque-pop inspired keys and drums along with the girls' honeyed vocals was a change in direction for the girls that further illustrated their growth and evolution after Alone changed the course of Sistar and Kpop.

    What I love most about the production of Give It To Me is that it sounds like a modern interpretation of the attack sequence music from Sailor Moon (90s version, fuck a Sailor Moon Crystal).

    While the production of the track is the most dramatic and moody the group had ever sounded at that point, the lyrics depict the girls at their most desperate and emotional. The group sing about their desperation in finding love, demanding for the object of their affection to give them their love:
    Will I even get married before I turn thirty?
    My heart is hurt from only giving love,
    What do I do?
    My heart hurts even at the persistent sound of rain
    I’m still young and soft-hearted
    Innocent and soft-hearted, I have a lot of tears

    The Moulin Rouge inspired video further amps up the drama - the girls sensuously dancing in an abandoned clock tower/abandoned theatre stage while singing pleads of love is the type of ridiculousness I come to Kpop for.

    Essentially, Give It To Me has Baz Luhrmann shook and Nicole Kidman threatened.


    We'll kick off voter commentary with this... Maybe @Vixen should give their discography a relisten and resend scores - "It's good, but doesn't go anywhere either. I like the breathy and airy verses. [10 minutes later...] WAIT, with repeated listens, this is actually a BOP. Okay, let me up the score a bit."

    It doesn't get better than Give It To Me for @Slice of Life (despite not giving it an 11) - "Perfection. I don't know how else to describe this. It's just so perfect."

    @lalaclairi_ comments that Give It To Me allowed all four members to shine - "Performance wise, one of their best videos. Everyone got a fun moment and Hyolyn's adlibs were great."

    @ryan_riot92 is ready to throw hands at the low scorers - "How can you not give this a 10 … like if you don’t I feel like you need to check ya self into a mental institution because you cray cray. This was the first SISTAR track I heard and, no shock, I fell in love with it instantly. It really made me want to check out SISTAR and see what they were about! It will always hold a special place in my heart."

    Finally, we have a Sistar vaults vide courtesty of @Squashua - "Such a blistering rush of a song and probably one of my first Sistar songs along with Loving U. My favourite version however is when 3 unknown sassy unnies on a TV show absolutely blew the Sistar gals out of the water. Dasom was beyond shook, Hyolyn was asking if she could replace her bandmates by the end [citation needed]."

    I'd add to Squashua's comment but....

    Come through, Dasom screengrab!
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  13. What the fuck.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member




  16. It deserved to be there in the top 3 over Gone Not Around Left Departed Flew Away but I had a feeling it wouldn’t do enough to overtake Alone / I Like That. It’s clear the moody Sistar singles won out though.
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  17. Come through Nostradamus.
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  18. Third's the one with the hairy chest...

    bicheul irheun kkoccheoreom
    geudael irheobeorin nan geujeo

    (Like a flower that lost its light, I have lost you)

    있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer) (2013)


    Average Score: 9.45
    Highest Score: ☆11☆ @Deja-Boo
    10 @Alouder98 , @Sanctuary , @Slice of Life , @Squashua , @ryan_riot92 , @junglefish
    Lowest Score: 8 @lalaclairi_ , @Vixen , @GeiPanda
    My score: ☆11☆

    Gone, not in the rate any longer.

    I've struggled with write-ups ever since about the Top 20 because it's taken every ounce of strength in me to not post the Gaga "talented, brilliant, incredible..." gif for every song, and now that we've come to my personal 11... Whew, let me get the following out of the way.
    Yasssssss @ whoever made this gif

    What can be said about Gone Not Around Any Longer that hasn't already been said? The song is quite simply one of the crown jewels of the Kpop genre. Remiscent of 90s era Janet Jackson - Gone... is a dark, lush, luxurious, sexy and seductive slice of pop music - but more than that, it's simply a work of art.

    Every aspect of Gone Not Around Any Longer is perfection - the luxe R&B beat, the saxophone sample, Hyolyn's tender vocals and high note at the climax of the song, Bora's melancholic delivery of her rap verse - Brave Brothers and Sistar19 literally changed the game for Kpop with this release by ushering in a wave of brooding R&B-inspired Kpop. Without Gone... would we have cult classic First Love by After School? Peak-AOA? Hello Venus 2.0? Sunmi's Full Moon?

    The track was a huge success for Hyolyn feat. Bora - achieving for two weeks the infamous "all-kill" by hitting #1 on all Korean download charts. The track would go on to acrue over 1.7 million downloads.

    Relistening to the track for the rate and... Gone, my wig's not around any longer.


    @ryan_riot92 gets it - "Smooth and sexy yet so emotional. Everything about this is amazing. The styling, the choreography, everything."

    I wonder if @Vixen has re-evaluated the track because their commentary is lukewarm and I will not stand for it - "This is a decent ballad/midtempo. The melody is nice, the production is interesting. The rap doesn't feel out of place, etc. It's nice."

    @Slice of Life considered manipulating the voting but came to their senses - "I wanna deduct a point so bad because I don't think it's right for a subunit song to win a rate but THIS. IS. SO. GOOD. I played this to hell and back in 2013 up to now but I don't think I'll ever tire of this. It's just so special. Hyolyn's vocals. Bora's hotness. A 10 since day 1. A 10 forever and ever. EH EH EH WOAHHHHHHH~~~ [apocalypse] [more apocalypse]"

    Finally, Gone... not only snatches wigs but it also snatches household mess, according to @Squashua! "I was struggling to really get that grime out of my kitchen work surfaces but thank god for Sistar19! Now I just seductively butt-wipe that dirt away and all is magically clear (including my complexion and my scalp from all former weaves & wigs). The deep jazzy sax is everything, gives it such a unusually solemn tone for a Sistar song."

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  19. I wanna say I slightly overrated it, but it's such a chill bop and that table choreo is iconic.

    It kinda sounds like it wants to be a Hyolyn solo track ddd.

    I hope we all agree I Like That has to win it all now.
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  20. [​IMG]

    I'm very happy with either 'Alone' or 'I Like That' winning. Both life-affirming, sensual bops with iconic choreography.
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