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☆★ Sistar Discography Rate ★☆ | WINNER REVEALED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Hate to burst yalls bubbles (and I don't have the spreadsheet saved on my phone) but from what I recall, it's gonna be a while before we see either Shake It or I Swear leave. You can blame each other for that.
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  2. Now lemme pray the iconic How Dare You makes Top 3.
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  3. Alongside So Cool xx
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  4. I'll be angrily butt-wipe dancing @ you all if So Cool doesn't make at least top 3 - remember I warned you...

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  5. Top 3 should be Alone, I Like That and Gone Not Around Any Longer.
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  6. He


    I Swear and Shake It are amazing, though.

    Iconic, even.
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  7. Tied with New World is...

    gup najeun flat shoes ijen beotgo
    mamkkeot nopeun high heel sineul su isseo
    (I’ll take off my flat shoes, now I can wear my high heels)

    Good Time (2015)

    Average Score: 5.91
    Highest Score: 7 @lalaclairi_, @ryan_riot92, @Serg.
    Lowest Score: 5 @Alouder98, @Sanctuary, @Vixen, @GeiPanda
    My score: 5.5

    Good Time isn't terrible and it isn't amazing - therefore the middle of the pack scoring it got. But Good Time is quite the remarkable elimination because it's the first song to not receive a score below 5.

    It's not hard to see why Good Time received such a middle of pack back score from both the low and high scorers, it's the definitition of an album track.

    Good Time is cute. The little key board riff accentuated with the synth horns that fill the track is so darn cute. But then drum beats, synths, hand claps, harmonies and various sound effects get added in to the mix and it gets a bit too overproduced, noisy and scattered.

    Vixen calls the track "basic", but also adds that the chorus feels "clunky and annoying."

    ryan_riot92 thinks Good Time is "a decent album track that kind of sounds like a toned down 'I Swear'. Not bad."

    Finally we have @Squashua who agrees that it's overproduced... Then takes us all on a wild tangent - "The pep is real but there's a LOT going on sound wise and could really have done with a breather somewhere. The casio synths remind me of this Anna Kournikova tennis game I had for PS1 back in the day. I was terrible at it but I just wanted to marry Enrique & live that life."
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  8. What's next?

    ne saenggangnaneun Monday
    waenji gunggeumhan Tuesday
    gobaek haebeorilkka Wednesday
    (I think of you on Monday, I get curious about you on Tuesday, Should I confess to you on Wednesday?)

    일주일 (A Week) (2013)

    Average Score: 6.09
    Highest Score: 9 @Serg.
    Lowest Score: 4 @ryan_riot92, @junglefish
    My score: 5.5

    If Bora Class was made up by terrible summer party tracks, Dasom Class is shaping up to be made up of toothless mid-tempos.

    A Week isn't terrible, it's just very very boring. It's a pleasant enough RnB-lite, pop midtempo. The melody is cute, the production is inoffensive if a bit busy, the girls sounds good but the total package is just so bland and limp.


    @Squashua (sort of) compares A Week to an early-00s classic saying that Sistar are "coming for that Craig David '7 Days' calendar recital," but agreed that production was a little too busy - "There's a lot going on in the background - filtered whisperings, that 90's synth, the twinkles, even something that sounds vaguely like a harmonica - but I kinda prefer that to some of the more threadbare tracks on this album."

    @Slice of Life gives it a "meh", describing A Week as "Urban Zakapa realness."

    To be fair to A Week, the parent album it was on was shit and you all felt the same way.
    @Vixen was on the verge of asking for ha pocket book by the time the album got to A Week - "(this is) boooring too, what the hell."
    While ryan_riot92 was a little more savage - "Now I remember why I didn’t buy this album … the album tracks are nothing to write home about… This one is no exception to that statement."

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  9. Wait cyst @SloMover, did I not submit commentary for these songs? SCREAM ddddd. No tough loss for me yet EXCEPT HOLD ON TIGHT UGH.
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  10. Remember, you gave up giving commentary at Sweet and Sour (and gave up scoring altogether at Insane Love dddddd)

    But I did forget to include your commentary for A Week so clock me a bit
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  11. I gave this a 5.0, but I guess I could have given it a 5.5 or 6.0. It was due for an elimination anyway.

    Can these songs leave next, please? Shady Girl, Girls Do It, Ma Boy, Lead Me, 나도 여자인데 (A Girl In Love), 애처럼 굴지마 (Don't Be Such a Baby), Say I Love You

    Or have they already left, kii?

    ( These can go as well : 니까짓게 (How Dare You), Follow Me, 핑글핑글 (Up and Down) , If U Want, 이불 덮고 들어 (Under the Blanket) and that's sincerely Vixen~ )
  12. Literally How Dare You. Do not talk badly about Sistar's cheapass godly hymn.

    As Bora rightly "raps" at the beginning:
    Why U play this game? (why?)
    Why U play this game? (Fool)
    Why U play this game? (Stupid!)
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  13. Shady Girl and Push Push should be the first singles to fall, leave How Dare You alone.
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  16. [​IMG]

    They can't go too far with the scores I gave them anyway, so teebs binches ~~~~
  17. I too am here for a Shady Girl exit alas (along with Don't Be Such a Baby, But I Love U, Bad Boy, Up & Down, A Girl in Love and Follow Me). Everything else is at least a 7 by their discography's standard.
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  18. "Another One" - DJ Khalid

    son olligo jan olligo sorijireugo nallina
    Let’s party it up dagachi jeulgyeo Right now
    (Lift up your hands, lift up your glass, shout and go crazy! Let’s party it up – everyone enjoy- right now)

    Girls Do It (2011)


    Average Score: 6.14
    Highest Score: 10 @Squashua, @ryan_riot92
    Lowest Score: 3 @Alouder98, @Slice of Life
    My score: 7

    [​IMG] - KPJ

    Yes, the Engrish intro is cringe worthy. Yes, the verses are autotuned messes (and has a similar melody to the verses of So Cool which, in turn, has a similar melody to the verses of How Dare You) - but all that aside, I think Girls Do It is sorta really fun.

    Lyrically, the song is about encouring girls to go out and have fun whilst at the same time, discouraging men from intefering from women having said fun.
    Oh Mister boys- please leave me alone
    Please stop clinging onto me like some kind of bug
    I just don’t have the time to reason with you tonight
    Have fun all the time- don’t even have time to be tired

    What kind of feminist anthem?!

    Production wise, the song has a glacial chill about it that gives the song a cool vibe and atmosphere. However, the verses really drag the song back with it's E.N.D-era Black Eyes Peas influence which really dates the track. All in all, Girls Do It is one of their stronger album tracks.

    Girls Do It's biggest supporter ryan_riot92 had a lot to say about it - "This could have been a title track too! It’s just that good!!!! It’s a such a glamorous pop track with such an anthem quality to it. Not that I’d wish this would have been the title track over “So Cool” but I like it just a smidgen more! At least they performed it on some music shows which is enough for me."

    A few of you also commented on Girls Do It's similarity to So Cool. Squashua calls the track "So Cool's slightly less brash, more brooding Sist(a)er. The falling beeps in the verses are awesome, the background "heys" are awesome, the whole track is produced fantastically. The electro edge really gave them a lift and I'm happy they went there even if they didn't really go back to it much over their careers."
    Whilst @Vixen finds the track an "even less catchy" version of So Cool, adding that "the middle-8/bridge sounds decent, but that's it. I also get "b-side to 2NE1's 'Fire'" from this. The sound is just so straight off from 2010-11, it's kind of painful."

    @Serg. also noted the similarties to Black Eyes Peas - "Black Eyed Peas found shaking after that beginning?" And he has a point. Fergie finally releasing the follow-up to The Dutchess the same year Sistar disband? Coincidence?

    Slice of Life also compares Girls Do It to another group - "DDDDD KWEENS OF ICONIC ENGRISH INTROS. This is so trashy. Like, Hello Penus trashy. Thank God Sistar ditched this sound."

    And finally, we have joint lowest scorer Alouder98 who didn't give any commentary but commented earlier in the thread on Girls Do It - "I actually gave my lowest score in this rate to Girls Do It.
    [​IMG] "


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  19. It needed to go at this point.
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