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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Weezerfan, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Sorry to come over all Judith Chalmers (had to be careful wording that) but have any PJers been to Sitges?
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    Well I suppose it might be.
  4. I don't know if you're referring to the Judith Chalmers or Sitges bit.
  5. I have been on a few day trips to Sitges . It's very popular with the homosexuals you know.

    It's a beautiful town but can be very over crowded in the summer. I personally would just stay in Barcelona and just do a day trip to Sitges.

    Barcelona is one of the greatest cities in Europe and it's only a 45 minutes trip on the train to Sitges
  6. Barcelona is absolutely amazing. The best holiday I've ever been on, after Australia. Go there and do as Melancholy Rose says.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys. I have been to Barcelona before but was vey vey VEY drunk and was only there for 48 hours, so I need to do it again. I'd like to go away for 10 days - end May/early June - but not sure if it will be proper beach weather then....hmmm. Might do a few days in both.
  8. I've spent the day there and thought it was really nice. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but whatever it wasn't like it and I definately thought that I could happily spend a week there. Though didn't get to see what the nightlife was like.

    Totally agree about Barcelona though, it's amazing. I fell in love with it quite like no other place (expect for possibly Bruges) and coud really imagine myself living there. Last year I even kinda started looking into it and I keep saying if we get another shit summer this year that's it, I'm off.
  9. Barcelona is astounding - I've never been so surprised and delighted about a place pretty much ever. Fell completely in love within MINUTES.

    Well worth anyones holiday money.
  10. That sounds like a really good idea. Barcelona is one of my favorite places to visit. The weather is usually very mild and warm even in April.

    Stiges is a great place to visit before the July rush, the beaches are heaving during the height of summer and not a pleasant experience. I have not done any clubbing etc in Stiges as I always go out in Barcelona. The restaurants are good in Stiges and there are a few good clothes stores.

    I always like to go music shopping whenever I am in Barcelona, there are a few very good music stores on Carrer dels Tallers just off La Ramblas. I have spent a small fortune on CDs and Vinyls over the years.

    You could also do a trip to Tarragona which is also only a short train trip along the coast. The train connections to most coastal routes are brilliant from Barcelona.

    I wish I had not read this thread as I now have a strong urge to go back and at the moment It is not possible due to other commitments..... oh well
  11. Tarragona is beautiful, I nearly prefer it to Barcelona, its just so pretty.
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    It looks like one of the random words my predictive messaging throws up.

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