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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by strangekin, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. I’m not really holding my breath that Fenty Skin won’t succumb to the same traps every celebrity skincare line does of pretty generically formulated products that are heavily fragranced and way overpriced, but then again Fenty is a lot more respected and solidified than other celebrity ventures, so... we’ll see.

    If they’re smart, I think they should focus on formulations specifically for darker skin tones - especially with lightening products and SPF that doesn’t leave a cast. There’s a genuine need for it in the market, and they probably wouldn’t have to get too experimental or out there with ingredients, just make formulations that are targeted more specifically.
  2. Please god. I need someone to crack the code and create a mineral sunscreen that leaves no cast.
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  3. I still stand by the Supergoop! moisturizer; its iconic. Their PLAY everyday lotion is also really good.
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  4. Apparently some of the Fenty Skin product names are:
    - Buff Ryder
    - Instant Reset
    - Fat Water
    - Flash Nap
    - Hydra Vizor

    I mainly use K-beauty products but I also want to support my Queen. I'll be looking forward to see the reviews.
  5. My Instagram quotes sorted!
  6. Okay skincarunties, let’s talk haircare!

    Recommendations on super nourishing shampoo/conditioners? I’ve recently tried The Body Shop banana and shea butter ranges and I’m not impressed. I only wash my hair 2 a week and co-wash the rest of the time and when using those products my hair somehow still always felt awful/dry/damaged. Also on the look out for a quality sea salt spray that isn’t super drying like some of the cheaper ones are would be appreciated!
  7. Body Shop is garbage, no?
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  8. It really is, but a couple of friends swore by it! It’s not expensive when bought on offer like I got it, so I don’t feel too bad about trying it.
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  9. They're questionable as a company too... which makes my 90s self feel very betrayed as I was in there every week.
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  10. Nn, Buff Ryder is going to be a sugar scrub of some kind isn’t it? Yas, make the navy DAMAGE their skin so you’re the only pretty person on the planet.

    Although I’m def not an “all physical exfoliants are the devil” girl for the record. I tried a sample pack of the Dermologica enzyme one last week and it was lovely.
  11. My skin has been getting back into FORMATION. Ok, come through, accutane and niacinamide!
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  12. Does anyone know where you can get more information about this in the UK? I'm starting to recede at the front of my hair and I hate it so much that I live in a cap these days. I've also got curly hair and its hard to manage so something like this would honestly be amazing if its okay to manage, and doesn't come off easily.
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  13. Just google 'hair systems' or the hairsystems / hairreplacement hashtag on Instagram. Some are way more skilled and experienced than others so you might need to travel to find one you trust or whose work looks great. I'd do some research in terms of upkeep as well as it can be quite costly.
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  14. OK skunties listen up. My skin's the clearest its been in years thanks to me streamlining my products and getting a cute simple routine together (gel cleanse, vit C/niacinamide, moisturise, exfoliate every couple of days). The problem is it's now looking kind of... dull.

    It's not helped by the fact I'm inside most of the day, but is there anything I can add in that might give me a li'l bit of glow? Or just something to make it pop a bit more?
  15. Retinol? I have been using the TO 1% Retinol for about 8 months and I feel like it's given me that glow... My bf commented on it recently dddd.. However I have also been using a Propolis serum for 3 months, which people say will also give that "glow".
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  16. Going to the dermatologist today. Can’t wait to pay $150 to tell him I’m not experiencing any side effects so he can do nothing else but extend my accutane prescription. What a scam.
  17. Cum
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  18. One of my favourite products I own is the Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate & Glow Oil. My day routine is pretty much the same as yours, but I find it gives me such a nice subtle glow while still being hydrating.

    But I think oils in general could be the answer here. In terms of pure oils, I’ve never used it but maybe marula oil?
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  19. I bought those Garnier Hair Food tubs based off of falling for an Influencer #ad and it's actually become my go-to conditioner dd. It seems really sketchy like "99.9% natural ingredients" etc. but the tub claims it's "3-in-1" as a normal conditioner, deep treatment and leave-in and... I actually use it for all three. I even use it for styling on more wet/sleek looks. It also has five star reviews pretty much everywhere so I'm not alone clearly.
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  20. Interesting! It’s half price in Boots at the moment as well, at £3.50 more than willing to give it a try! Thanks for the recommendation!
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