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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by strangekin, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Me either until my dermatologist recommended it. It makes me wonder why I waited so long to see a professional.
  2. So I tested the Mattescreen on the back of my hand and it blended really well leaving no cast. Was kinda shook. Then I applied a dime-sized amount onto my face and... this shit had my face looking BLEACHED. I tried massaging it in for two minutes to no avail. When I tried to remove it, my cleanser could barely get it off, so I had to break it down with an oil and then cleanse again. My skin barrier was truly under attack. Anyway, all of this to say that Mattescreen is a 0/10 product for dark skin and it’s getting returned for a full refund.


    Unseen Sunscreen on the other hand I quite like. The texture is light and velvety. I love that I can apply it on top of an obscene amount of CeraVe PM without my skin looking shiny. I’ll probably buy it again if my skin takes well to it with prolonged use.
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  3. Did you ever try this sis? I'm so damn pale after sitting indoors for... four months and could do with a cute li'l glow, but the price is a biT much.
  4. I haven’t yet but it’s on my list. Apparently Sephora and Nordstrom will take anything back, so it’s possible to recoup the cost, but I feel too guilty to do it.

    I might try to get a sample off reddit or something.
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  5. Everyone dragging DE in the comments, and I'm kinda like.... let DE be the supervillian of Skincare it's kinda cool! f;ldjksghdfksla
  6. I’m just not convinced that “people with oily skin need to moisturize often too” isn’t a big scam by the cosmetics industry to get people to buy shit they don’t need. Everytime I start moisturizing daily, my skin breaks out immediately even though it was fine before. And yes, I am using the “right kind” of moisturizer, proper for oily skin, from dermatologist approved brands, etc. But I feel guilty for not doing things the “right” way, specially now that I’ve taken some time to get my daily routine together, adding physical activity to my sedentary lifestyle, etc. I feel like I should be moisturizing even though I look noticeably better when I don’t do it.

    Am I just one of the exceptions to the rule?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get the relation between the pale skin and getting a glow from tinted moisturizer? Surely you’re not thinking of using make-up that is darker than your actual skin tone?
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  7. I somehow became an oily skin type after never being one before. But I think my skin was just super dehydrated.

    I finally noticed after a difference after really limiting exfoliation and adding layers of moisture - i.e. hydrating toners/essenses/serums/oils in addition to moisturizer.
  8. Caroline Hirons believes oily skin need to use an oil in their regime to stop oil from overproducing it’s on her blog -cheat sheats. might be worth a try? I wouldn’t know as my skin is flawless tbh
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  9. So the cheapest toner I've ever bought is the only one that's worked for me. I tried the FRESH Rose Hydration toner and the Laniege Cream Skin and both of them irritated my skin??? Like, my skin would be hot and red after using them. It was obvious with the FRESH one but it wasn't until I stopped using the Laniege that I realised it was that product messing up my skin. I have no idea what about it my skin didn't like. But now I'm using the Innisfree Cherry Blossom one and I really love it, as does my skin.

    What a toner journey!
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  10. The logic behind oily skinners still needing to moisturize is that your skin is overproducing oil in attempt to replenish itself, so adding in oil free gel-moisturizers should even things out, but take a page from Queen Liah Yoo and listen to your skin. If it really looks better without it, don't do it. Maybe consider playing with some serums though if you don't already.
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  11. Some very good brand offers here - got 25% off Kate Somerville and I’m looking forward to the 30% off Sunday Riley when it launches!
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  12. This week I’ve been doubling the amount of moisturizer I put on my face (like 8 pumps instead of 4) and my skin easily soaks it all up and looks way better than it did before. Wtf. Have I been doing this wrong my whole life?
  13. Is anyone else using tretinoin? I started on 0.025% 5 weeks ago and... What kind of witchcraft?! I am starting to see that Tret glow and I can also see improvements on my nasolabial folds. I had to pare back my routine to the basics, and also invest in a thicc moisturiser but I am loving it. Though now I have loads of exfoliants/serums/masks etc that are not being used. Tret is really IT.
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  14. Went outside without SPF today

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  15. upload_2020-8-20_0-38-40.jpeg
  16. I've been waiting for my sunscreen from South Korea for like a month.
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  17. Which one sis
  18. A'PIEU Soo Boo Ji Sun Cotton. Allegedly it's lightweight, matte, and doesn't leave a cast, but I've also read it's been discontinued so I'm half hoping I don't like it. I tried the Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish one recently and couldn't bear the alcohol smell.
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  19. In my last Yesstyle haul (how long ago was that ddd) I picked up the Missha All Around Safeblock Essence SPF45. I've never used a Korean sunscreen before so excited to try autumn at this rate.

    Honestly though the Australian Gold tinted mineral sunscreen is still my HG.

    gjdkds where the fuck did she record this
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