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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by strangekin, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. The Dermstore carries Cosrx. I'm wet.
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  2. I just discovered that I can buy products directly from The Ordinary's website to Romania and that they have free shipping on orders over $25

    Hold me
  3. Ugh is there anything worse than those big fuck-off pimples that physically hurt and feel like they’re buried deep under 70 layers of skin? You just know the hyperpig after is gonna STAY around.

    I have one right now :(
  4. When they’re on your forehead or cheek areas and it hurts to move your face... whew
  5. I’ve returned to the old school LEGEND that is miss benzoyl peroxide, and she really doed annihilate any oil gland formed against me, but the after effects of NastyPIH do seem to be worse too.
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  6. When it's on or near your top lip

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  7. When it's on your cheek and it feels like filler >
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  8. Evenprime daily moisturizer arrived.

    let’s see what she’s serving.

  9. Anyone use Sunday Riley? What are your thoughts on the brand? Good bad?
  10. I’ve used samples of one of the vitamin c creams. It was... fine. I think there’s more interesting and worthwhile luxury brands.
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  11. Paula’s Choice sent me their Shine Stopper product as a gift and I kinda like it? I put a tiny bit on my nose and forehead and it made a pretty big difference.
  12. The fact that one of these days I will give in and be a Drunk Elephant paypig yet again, as none of the Lala Retro dupes are quite hitting the spot and it might be my favourite moisturizer ever still. Ugh.

    While they're both still quite great, the Acure Radically Rejuvenating Whipped Night Cream is just slightly too heavy and greasy, and the Paula's Choice Complex Moisturizer is slightly too whipped and lightweight. They just don't quite make me wanna Lala, on the kitchen and the floor like Miss DE does.
  13. What’s the tea on it?

    I remember seeing their website months back and liking the aesthetics. Glossier, but make it artsy twinks.
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  14. I’m kinda not feeling her? The texture isn’t very nice. Though I have only been using it for a couple of days, some of these ingredients may take a while to show any effect. $32 though... I think I’ll probably keep CeraVe PM as my go-to once this bottle is finished.
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  15. I hate that I jumped on the CeraVe bandwagon, found it to be lifechanging and now no longer spend hours reading reviews and ordering overpriced moisturisers at 3am. Where's the fun in that
  16. What's the tea with CeraVe? Is it really holy grail stuff? I've never bothered with it because of the boring packaging dd
  17. I keep going back and forth whether I want to have a long ass routine, or a simplified one. Now I have managed to simplify my routine to just double cleansing, 0.05% tretinoin, spf 50 sunscreen and a moisturiser with 4% niacinamide. So that would be 5 products. But the more I dwelve into r/skincareaddiction on Reddit the more I also have FOMO so now I also want to add vitamin c (anti oxidant and brightening), peptides (anti ageing) and azelaic acid (for my redness). I tried to see if I can incorporate all these "good to have" ingredients in an all-in-one product like a serum/toner but what is the point when the research behind these ingredients are done at a particular %?! So I may end up buying a 15% ascorbic acid serum, 8% matrixyl 3000 serum, 2% matrixyl synth 6 serum and mayyyybbbeee a 20% azelaic acid :/
  18. Skincareaddiction is useful for researching individual products, but it's also a shitshow and often ends up in a slippery slope of convincing you to buy more and more stuff you don't really need. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a cute li'l three or four step routine if it's making your skin happy. Generally I've found the more stuff I've tried to add in the more my skin's disagreed with it.
  19. Paula’s Choice 10% niacinamide serum includes vitamin c, allantoin (soothing, anti-redness) and licorice root extract (brightening). That ticks all your boxes except for anti aging, but tretinoin should be enough for that skin concern. There isn’t any information on the exact concentration of these additional ingredients, but I do trust PC’s formulations. It might be worth a shot.
  20. I started tret over a week ago but haven’t stopped using any of my other actives or acids and know that I’m going to start peeling imminently
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