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Skins 3

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CrossieKidd, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Skins 3 is coming soon!
    STARTS THURSDAY 22ND JAN 20009 -- 10PM E4!

  2. lol i cant wait
    think it will start after celebrity big brother! :)
  3. I used to think this show was genius bar some cringey dialouge. Then they ruined it 4 episodes into s2. After Sid's excellent s2 episode the show ran out of ideas, got too unbelievable and cassie couldn't save the show (they brought her back too late). Hopefully s3 has more focus and more original ideas.

    I hate this show though for making MGMT and Sam Sparro successful.
  4. Effy was always the best character, but I hope they incorporate some moving new characters into the show. We can always do with another Series 2 Episode 3. It was phenomenal. Hopefully we get a good looking male character this year. Last time, Tony's eyebrows were hideous and Maxxie, he was good looking but always looked blank, as if there was nothing inside his head. Even when he was trying to convey emotion.

    And don't ruin it with another Sketch-style storyline! The scene with her masturbating on Maxxie's bed was awkward and uncalled for.
  5. None of the new cast are even vaguely hot.
  6. Do we have pictures?
  7. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I beg to differ.

  8. There's the trailer...
  9. Oh, he might do.
  10. andreipj

    andreipj Guest

    Well of course you'd think he's hot, he looks just like you
  11. He'll be the one everyone swoons over. What are the girls like?
  12. There are twins and then a mouthy bitch. I kind of lost hope after Series 2, they outlawed the best character until the final few episodes and it felt like they were running out of ideas. Oh, and Maxxie got incredibly sidelined.

    However, Effy's episode from both series were the best ones, so I have higher hopes for this.
  13. Effy's was definitely the best for the first but Sid's was amazing in the second. It was so dramatic and tearful when his father died. Effy's was spoiled by Pandora.
  14. Effy's was genius. I loved her character actually, although I always seem to forget about her compared to Cassie. The way she brought everyone together and made everything right was pretty special.

    And i'm quite interested to see what they'll do with Pandora this series.
  15. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Pandora's going to be in the new series as a main character.

    I think Skins 3 will be a bit 'darker' than Skins 1 & 2. All the sex and drugs aside, the previous lot were essentially 'good guys'. Judging by the new trailer, the new characters will be more hooligan-y.
  16. Skins has never been that violent has it? I wonder whether we'll see that change.
  17. the trailer is on the skins website watch it
    its also on tv now :O
    it seem much more violent and grittyier than skins1 + 2
    cant wait x
  18. That's not sexy, that just looks like cannibalism.
  19. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I did not get the joke. *is thick*

    There's only one thing that could improve this picture and that's a caption that says:

  20. He just looks really, really....ill. Like the look of cannabalist. I think it's because of the shoe lace in his mouth.

    Anyway, don't mind me, that's just what i see.
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