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Skins 3

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CrossieKidd, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. I actually hate Naomi.
  2. What's to hate aobut Naomi?

    I really enjoyed the episode, I'm warming to this series a lot.

    The only thing I really disliked this week was the whole college riot. I just didn't find it believeable in the slightest, really - it was a bit over the top. I know it is only a TV series and it is a bit of an exaggerated reality as it is but I just couldn't buy into that at all.
  3. She just annoys me, the way Claire-from-Heroes annoys me. No particular reason.

    (But she did get with Emily.)
  4. I loved the bit where they were both lying on the floor opposite each other saying "How do girls have sex with each other anyway?" Because that was a very "real" moment. At least I thought so.

    I've always loved the girls of this series, and so the episode was brilliant. The fact that it featured Cook dampened it a bit though.
  5. Ardal O'Hanlon really can't do a Northern Irish accent. He should just stop.
  6. Naomi's episode was good but so far Pandora's has been my favourite.

    I liked the bit at the end where they just sat there holding hands through the cat flap.
  7. I liked this episode. I just wish the whole series was a bit funnier.
  8. Anyone who's heard it, doesn't the Satz B Side "Golden Rules" remind you of Pandora?
  9. That episode was very moving, I, having been a very awkward teen, found a lot to identify with there. It was lovely.
  10. I cried at the end when JJ's mum sat down at the table and smiled at him. It was like she finally saw him as being 'normal JJ' without being 'JJ and his medical condition'.
  11. I loved tonights episode. I love Skins.
  12. I was welling up at this too! Such a lovely end to the episode.
  13. That bit gave me a shiver up my spine.

    Did anyone else notice the use of Overpowered outside the club scene?
  14. I really liked the last episode. I want to be friends with JJ!
  15. I now love Emily so much she's in my avatar.
  16. I love Emily too much, seriously.
  17. But how do you know it's Emily?!
    It could be Katie disguised as Emily!
  18. I can tell the difference between them now! Katie's got a rounder face and a spot on her cheek, and Emily's fringe slopes differently.
  19. I noticed yesterday that Katie (she is the evil one, right?) talks a bit funny. Like from the side if this makes sense?
  20. And they have moles or beauty spots or whatever on the opposite eye to the other one. And Katie speaks with a lisp. I want her to have her own story, I bet it would be interesting.
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