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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CrossieKidd, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Apparantly in their episode Emily disguises herself as Katie so she can do an exam as 'Katie'.
  2. She's got a bit of a lisp (I think). And it's a bit soon to call her evil!
  3. Well not necessarily "evil", but she's the least likeable out of the twins!
  4. I liked her in the last episode, she seemed more vunerable and innocent. Granted, she was having sex at the time...
  5. True. I hope she gets her own episode and it's not a "twins" one so a bit more of her is explained, we don't know much about her at the moment.

    This series has taken me by suprise, it seems to be getting better and better. Although the fact that Cook isn't dead yet is intolerable.
  6. 12th March: Effy's episode
    19th March: Katie and Emily's episode
    26th March: Group episode (last episode of the series)

    So no episode for just Katie this series, maybe next year?
  7. This series has turned out really well. I love the Emily/JJ thing, at least there are some nice characters.
  8. Is anyone else planning out the way they hope Cook will die? I have inhumane hatred for everything about him. I think if I saw the actor in the street i'd have a hard time not punching him in the face.
  9. I bet he's a fucking cock in real life, nobody can play an utter twat in at least 3 seperate productions and not really be one.
  10. I don't know the guy, so i'll make no judgements. I just hate everything about the character, and that includes his face, his body, his pathetic smirk that really just makes me want to smash something.

    I mean there's such thing as creating a villian but Cook is nearly unwatchable for me.
  11. I strongly disagree with this, and absolutely do not think Cook will die. Yes he's a bit of a twat, but he's an extremely sad character, and they've been building on that over the past two eps. Clearly there has been some kind of as yet unexplained event that has caused a rift between him and Freddie (who we're lead to believe is the closest thing he has to family), and where is his family? Why is he living in halls, for example?

    There are two major plot points going on - Emily vs. Katie and Cook's problems. They're both interesting threads, I think.
  12. Maybe he just has a twatty face...?
  13. Oh I understand they'll have a plan for his character. I just wish they'd hurry up and reveal why on earth he's such an utter twat, then he can stop being one. And I don't think he will die. I just wish he would, i've seen enough of him to last me a lifetime.
  14. And another thing, is anyone else pissed off at the way they're marketing this? I read a synopsis of the next episode and it said something like "Emily's revelling in replacing Effy as the queen bee"...what the hell? Since when has Effy even been the queen bee?

    None of the characters in this series are even really friends (aside from the obvious few pairings), and I wish they'd stop marketing it otherwise.
  15. The JJ episode was immense and I like the little images in the episode.

    Including the pill/eye image and the mingiling socks.

    It's quiet weird the JJ episode has sort of coincidentally matched up with a song that i'm writing at the moment, there's something about it in this blog.

    And please read the previous blog to teh one which is the song I started it off a couple of months ago but the one idea of kids on chemicals is just quite scary.

    Reagrding the Cook character he is the character i think who is the most stereotypical but i don't hate him for it i just think the character isn't fleshed out very well but he will be soon.

    Freddie on a whole actually annoys me, when the record label judge told him off for being a twat in his episode i was like yeah get in there that's right.

    Stop being so moody for no reason.
    Of course there are reasons but i think he can't decide whether or not to be a goody-two-shoes or just inactive.
  16. It's all pantomime! If they do a curtain call like at the end of High School Musical 3, I'd boo her and throw tomatoes at the TV!
  17. This group does seem much more fragmented than the last one, but I guess that makes filming easier by not having to get everyone together all the time? Hmm, I dunno.

    Effy has been the biggest disappointment for me this series so far, but I'm growing to really like this series.

    There is definitely more to Cook's character than we've been led to believe, though.
  18. i think i'm in love with cook, i think it's his arrogance...

    please tell me sumone else agrees, or should i go back in my box?
  19. Not really, we've been led to believe that there's a reason why he's such a cunt almost right from the off.
  20. Effy has been a mega dissapointment. She was touted as the series lead character (i guess as she was the link to series 1 and 2) and has ended up being the most boring character
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