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Skins 3

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CrossieKidd, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Effy is just the female Tony. She's just replaced him, and I thought the 'handover' was pretty well done.
  2. i hated Tony
  3. Series 3 sucks ass compared to the original cast. Oh, how I miss my Chris and Jal.

    Anyways I adore Emily, like Naomi and even evil Katie. I think the difference between the twins is pretty easy; Katie face is rounder and I believe she has black streaks.
  4. I think Cook is a lot like Series 1 Tony as well. Effy has the same sort of dry humour he had though.
  5. I actually think they could have gotten away with the cast change without Effy, really. Apart from the references to the old cast in Episode 1 of the current series, I almost view Effy now as a totally different character to the one established previously (who was better back then).

    I was just about to argue that she isn't the female Tony, but I suppose you could draw parallels between her and Tony's inability to admit to love or whatever. She's less vocal than Tony though, and when she does speak it's not that amazing anyway.

    I still hugely dislike Cook, though I think the worst character in Skins overall was Chris. I think it pissed me off that everybody seemed to like his character when I saw no tangible reason as to why...
  6. I wish Effy would regain her former "puppetmaster" status, because she was so good in Series One and Two and they're really struggling to find a storyline for her.

    Hope next week's "trippy episode" will be a good one.
  7. Effy definitely is like Tony who i thought also was a prick for a lead character at the start but we'll see in this episode.

    I think the only thing which will snap Effy out of it is Tony coming back and telling her to snap out of her funk.
  8. Love it!

    Now all we need is someone to make some pretty cover art for iTunes. Any takers? (I would if I was gifted in Photoshop - alas, I'm not).
  9. Speaking of songs I have finished recoridng the song I wrote about JJ.

    It's here.

    Don't think it's downloadable though (goes off to try and fix his myspace)

    Best episode of a tv series ive ever seen!!

    LOOOVE IT!!!
  11. CrossieKidd, you're back! Never leave again.

    I thought tonight's episode was ok, not as good as previous episodes, but I loved Cook's "I've bought a fucking gateau".
  12. It was good, but awfully dark; I was waiting for Effy to come to, but it never came.
  13. I only watched the second half (but will watch the first tomorrow). It was quite good but hopefully it'll all make better sense after I've watched the first half.

    I tried to make a good Ass to Ass cover but ended up with this:


    MS Paint obvs.
  14. I'm part-way through last night's episode at the moment, but this is what I ended up using for cover art of "Ass2Ass" in iTunes:


    It's the perfect size too!
  15. I'm just not sure what to make of Skins after last nights ep. And next week's preview... what's going to happen to Effy?
  16. I found this episode a bit weird and didn't really turn out the way I expected at all (I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, though).

    I'm assuming the next episode (or for the majority of the remaining two episodes), Effy (alongside Cook) are now 'exiled' from the group - which is very Tony Series 1 of her, isn't it? It's hard not to draw comparisons, especially given how much of Tony's arc for Series 1 revolved around the fact he couldn't tell Freddie Michelle he loved her too.
  17. Hmmm. I'm not sure about what I felt about it. Because, really, nothing much happened. I also was constantly waiting for Effy to wake up though.
  18. That was a very dark episode. I was waiting for Effy to wake up a lot throughout the episode too.

    She's such a weird character. I hope next week's episode is better and that it doesn't lead into a darker storyline.
  19. One bit of Skins really irritated me last week. "Hit me. I want to feel something" lifted right from Spring Awakening. That's lazy writing right there.
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