Skins 3

Finally got around to watching Effy and it was shit.

There were only a few good moments:
Thomas dumping Panda
Katie talking to convince herself to not cry
Effy knocking out Cook
Thomas being the only one not to take Cooks bait
Katie pissing off Effy to the point she gets knocked out
I ran through some of it. It's annoying me how much each episode seems to be full of music with no speech these days. It just feels like they ran out of dialogue so have to fill each episode with 15 minutes of music!
Dazzle said:
One bit of Skins really irritated me last week. "Hit me. I want to feel something" lifted right from Spring Awakening. That's lazy writing right there.

For a minute I was hoping she'd get a smack. All that pouting and panda eyed moodiness does my head in. Chris Brown would've had a field day. I'm enjoying this years bunch. Dont think it takes itself as serious as the previous two series. Feels like a more fucked up , boisterous Byker Grove. Cant wait for Cook's episode or was the second ep his one. Jessie Wallace would be great to play his mum.
Pretty sure the second episode was Cook's episode.

This week's is The Twins, and then the week after is series 3 finale which is always Everyone's episode(?)

Series 4 has been comissioned though...
Dazzle said:
JoshJB said:
Series 4 has been comissioned though...
I'm a bit shocked at that. Though if Heroes can get a fourth series I guess any old shit can!

Why? Ratings have been pretty high for E4 standards I think so I don't see why they wouldn't commission another series.
This series has had some brilliant episodes but others have let it down (Cook's, Effy's...)
anyone watch tonight's skins ... and knwo the artist/track that was playing when emily & katie were trying on dresses ... something to with 'fuck up'
I think it might have been CSS. I was trying to figure it out and then remembered they had a song called 'Alcohol' so I assumed that. Was really good though. I may download if it is them!

Tonight's episode wasn't bad. Better than last weeks. I liked Pandora and Doug's dancing!
I really liked the episode. It wasn't very eventful but I liked the characters playing off each other.

2 Lady GaGa tracks in one episode. I loved when Brown Eyes started playing.
cheers Daz, will check that out and see ...

tonight's episode was good .. especially the little brother ... 'it's a box of fannys' ... genius

although that is about the 3rd week running someone has lost their shoes .. is that what 'da kidz' do these days?
Worra Swizz said:
6|2|8|8 said:
anyone watch tonight's skins ... and knwo the artist/track that was playing when emily & katie were trying on dresses ... something to with 'fuck up'

It's Millionaires - Alcohol

So so so so so so so so so so so amazing. I loved this episode.

that's the one .. cheers
I'm just about to sit down to watch tonight's episode.

But regarding music, you guys do know that the E4 web site shoves up a list of all the music used in every Skins episode each week? I used to spend ages trying to figure out what a track was until I discovered that last year.
cheers Josh .. will check into that ... Skins is like L Word ... the music bugs the crap out fo you trying to figure out what it is and then you find you actually have the cd the track is on!!!