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Skins 3

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CrossieKidd, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Emily is like me. She even has my mum.

    (Besides the twin thing.)
  2. Is that your way of coming out to us, Rox?

  3. She already came out on Twitter a while back if I recall.
  4. I don't have Twitter! :(
  5. Yes, I did.
  6. Excellent episode! I love that every argument got bigger and bigger and bigger until the eventual finale. And Emily and Naomi! And Pandora and Thomas!

    Too cute for words.
  7. I actually cried at Pandora and Thomas, I was so incredibly happy because they're just perfect for each other. And also, the ending: my God, how brilliant. Emily and Naomi walking along...

    "I love you too."
    "I know."

    *Wipes tears from eyes.*
  8. Oh, and Emily And Katie's brother is fucking amazing.
  9. If the child is not neddy it is always funny to hear a child swearing on tv.
    I don't care if that sounds immature, it just is.

    I was really looking forward to this episode being an identical twin myself and I have to say i left it fairly impressed although my brother and I never fought like that as teenagers can't say that she didn't deserve to get beaten up twice in two episodes.

    My feeling towards Katie swung like a penduleum throughout, I did think she was being very bitchy and selfish but I did feel there was element of protectionism there too.

    It seems that most of the stories are tied up in a big red bow now.
    It'll require a clusterfuck of an episode next week to undo that and Cook might just be able to achieve that

    People have been mentioning the fact that Thomas is the only one who hasn't raised to Cook's bait so far i reckon that might change in the last episode
  10. I have a feeling that the actress who plays Emily is a slightly better actress than Katie.
  11. Not neccessarily true, Emily has been granted a far broader and more interesting storyline.
  12. This episode made me love Katie and revealed my frustration with Naomi. Emily and Thomas are the only characters that I still adore.

    Katie is very protective of Emily and in some way she only has an identity when she is with her. When she said "you're mine" to Emily, I had chills. That one moment summed up Katie's relationship with her twin.

    Anyways, I loved their annoying brother and dad *remembers his freaky smile*.
  13. I've said something like that to my brother maybe not "you're mine" but I think it was on the same lines, I understood the possession elelment of it.
  14. Eurgh. What a load of fucking shit. One of the worst hours of TV I have ever seen.
  15. Dreadful.
  16. It was such a let down wasn't it?! FAIL.
  17. Terrible episode. Not at all a way to end a season.

    I actually thought the ending was another ad-break till the credits flashed.
  18. Well that was shit. And way to rip off The Sopranos with the abrupt ending. And why is eating spicy food exciting/funny?
  19. Just what the fuck was that? No Emily, Katie, Thomas, Pandora or Naomi for a finale episode? Fucking dreadful. Even if it wasn't a finale episode it would have been shit, too. I wonder if the rest of the cast were pissed off when they found out.
  20. And not even a "Skins will be back in the autumn" to keep me happy.
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