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Skins 3

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CrossieKidd, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. I think this series has been disappointing as a whole but I did enjoy it. I had no expectaions for it . Series 1 is still better than this one. I find JJ too unrealsistic at times and Freddie is just too dull. Effie can eff off. I've never really gotten her character. She's like a walking perfume ad cum arty indie video with all her pouting.
    I actually liked Panda even though I thought I'd hate her. For me the twins and Naomi have been the stars of this series. I did enjoy this series, Skins is always watchable. My fave episode was Panda's slumber party with Sally Phillips brilliant stoned dancing to Bon Jovi.
    I reckon it'll be lucky to get another series after the next one. Still think theres a bit of scope to explore for Cook in the next series. He was a bit Danny Dyer for me at times but could be a good lil actor. Still didnt feel sorry for him tho even if his dad was a tosser.
  2. She was definately the opposite of stoned...
  3. I'm glad that I decided to read viewers comments. Everyone has stated their disappointment but why are people surprised it's Effy, Freddie, Cook and JJ.
  4. He is nothing like Danny Dyer, Danny's hot, Cook is just a tosspot.
  5. A fourth series has been commissioned for next January.

    Last night's episode was pretty dire, but then it was centered around Cook and Effy (yet again), don't know why I was expecting it to be in any way ok.
  6. Cooks hard man routine just reminded me a bit of Danny Dyer in some of his films. And yes , Danny Dyer is fit as fuck. And appeared in Skins of course. I'd love to see some of the original cast appear in the next series cos I cant see them reaching a fifth series. I wonder how Tony would get on wiith Cook.
  7. Because the last two finale episodes featured everyone from the old cast. Not to mention they would have written the finale with an uncertainty that the series was going t o be renewed at that point.

    And just eww at the Danny Dyer is hot comments!
  8. Oh no , Danny all the way. Some of us like a bitta rough. I've just realised that was SuperHans from Peep Show playing Cooks dad. Was Cook's mother supposed to be dead ? If not I hope they get a big name to play her in the next series.
  9. I think the penultimate episode would have been a better finale really. There were resolutions to the whole Pandora and Thomas and Katie, Naomi and Emily storylines which were much better than the fucking Effy and Cook one!
  10. If it weren't for JJ I would have switched off.
  11. It leaves me wondering does anyone even care about Effy anymore?

    The episode really was not very good. As someone's already said, JJ appeared to be the saviour, even though via some ridiuclous scripting he appears to now have little or no autistic tendancies.

    Yesterday's episode was a far more satisfying finale, they should have switched the order.
  12. I knew when they wrapped up Pandora & Thomas and Emily & Naomi (who were by a large margin the best part of this series) with large pretty ribbons (figuratively speaking...) that they wouldn't even appear in the finale, but I was still hoping against it. But Cook is just a repulsive character, one of the most unlikeable central characters of any tv show I've ever seen, and to centre this around his "redemption" or whatever... just no. I hate how this series has seen such a wide split between all the characters. Part of what was great about the first group was their communal interaction, even if you did get the Tony/Michelle/Sid thing prioritized.

    The problem with Effy is that in the first two series she was so enigmatic and distant, however they'd written 'getting under her skin' would have been disappointing. But I don't understand in the slightest why such a strong and apparently reasonable intelligent (or at least street-smart) girl would let herself be led along by such a twat as Cook.

    And Danny Dyer is horrid.
  13. Did you mean last weeks episode?
  14. That's indeed what I meant! Blasted...well, I can't blame anything can I? Bugger.
  15. As you say, the attempt at 'redeeming' Cook just never worked.

    All Freddie did was metaphorically roll over and take Cook for what he is: a total utter prick.

    I originally assumed the point of showing Cook's Dad when he first arrived on-screen in the episode was so that eventually Cook would get a realisation that that was the kind of life he was headed for unless he mended his ways. Instead, they totally have stretched it beyond believability.

    Effy has been such a huge let down this series: they've got a lot of work to do with writing her character in Series 4.
  16. Did anyone else pick up on JJ's apparent complete lack of autism in this episode? Or was that just me being critical?
  17. I don't know a huge deal about autism, but from my perspective JJ was being the same as ever, especially given all of the outbursts and shouting at people. It was toned down I'm sure, but he was essentially a secondary character compared to the other three.
  18. He just appeared to have lost all of his symptoms and developed a riduculous level of confidence in the stretch of about one episode. Having studied Autism I didn't think it was very clever writing at all. But it is usually only me that pick up on these things.
  19. The episode before the finale (9, I think?) was set in June and episode 1 was set in September. So it is fair to say there must be a huge gap between episodes.

    It was stated in conversation that Cook and Effy had been on the road for weeks (I have 6 stuck in my head as the number of weeks, but I could be wrong) so it seems as though the episodes are set really far apart.

    Sometimes I wish Skins would just flash-up the month the episode is meant to take place in. It's quite confusing sometimes.
  20. Was I the only one who remotely enjoyed the episode.

    I agree with the fact though that previous episode to this was more satisfying in terms of resoultion but you can't have resoultion all the time because that way there wouldn't be any drama, yes.

    I feel that Cook's character hasn't changed he's still selfish and will still not accept Effy's rejection of him and when the question was asked what happens now, well it couldn't be asked if everything was solved.

    There does seem to be a bit of a corner here as these are the only characters with ocnflict at the moment but I'll look forward to see how the script in the next series can unpick the other stable relationships
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