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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [DATE CONFIRMED!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. As much as I love "I Pray for Rain", if I only get to pick one song from that list to be released, it's gonna be "Guardian".
  2. I have thought about All My Lovers Die almost every day ever since she teased it. It's too good to stay on her hard drive forever.
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  3. Sometimes I think about Guardian as I fall asleep.
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  4. It's got to be called 'Masochism'! Its now one of those 'mythical' albums that everybody talks about and is long awaited especially by its name, it would be silly to pivot now.

    I've long tuned out of the Sky train...but if this turns out to be true, count me as gooped!
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  5. Believe it or not, I was thinking the same thing this morning. Then again, Masochism is almost a mythical album at the moment. I'll believe it when I have the CD in my hands (or at least the digital download on my laptop).
  6. I don't think (and, tbh, hope) that covers will make the cut. Voices Carry ia absolutely awesome, but after all these years... let the shine be on her own thing. A covers EP coming after the album would be a nice bonus thought.

    Guardian feels like a tricky spot. She already hinted of it being "on its own", and after the leak... But I guess she also teased mixing\mastering it after the leak happened?

    All My Lovers Die, Masochism, Mourning After, Love Street, Don't Forget (Fire), Descending, Gaslight, I Pray For Rain were all teased as part of the album. That's a 9 songs affair already, 10 with Downhill Lullaby. Then there was like, All To Myself which was a "scratch demo" thing and then leaked pretty ruff. And Pretty Dull, which is a NightTime outtake but she revisited during recording sessions (but could be for that "10th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue" that never happened).
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  7. She's so meticulous and slow I definitely see (and hope nn) all/most of the material she's been tweaking for years makes it. Doesn't feel like Masochism has gone through quite as many total creative overhauls as the debut did til Night Time My Time came together in the end.

    And I need to hear the Live To Tell cover.
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  8. I still can’t believe the only confirmation we have from Sky was a Insta story that was live for 27 seconds.
  9. Remember "~It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!" or whatever is still up!!

  10. Sky is laughing at all of us right now.

    Having said that…if this ever does see the light of day and in March, I would be SO HAPPY!
  11. Definitely want I Pray For Rain and Guardian to make the cut, but if I have to choose one, it's I Pray For Rain. Wouldn't be opposed to Voices Carry making the album, either, but hopefully just one cover, if any. Indifferent on Downtown Lullaby making the album at this point.

    I still laugh at the lyrics she teased for Mourning After, and how it directly rips off Fiona Apple's Hot Knife. I have a feeling that song will not be coming.
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  12. I'm curious about "I Pray For Rain" because when it leaked, they said it was being pitched around for soundtracks (her version + the songwriter demo) and it almost made it through 50 Shades franchise.
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  13. I believe it was said that I Pray For Rain is the only song among last years leaks that will make the album. The rest are old/scrapped. Justice for Legends!
  14. Ok I'm already counting the days for Masochism (B-Sides \\ Part 1-2-3-4-5)

    Legends really came out of nowhere, right? Unkown before it leaked.
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  15. Wasn’t it one of the songs accidentally listed on Yves Rothman’s website in like 2018 (alongside the scrapped Carly EP)?
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  16. I think it was. It was allegedly supposed to be a buzz single that year.
  17. I love that every time she's teased a release date it's always "March" or "Winter". The consistency.

    Also not enough people are mentioning Descending. That song is a must as well.
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  18. Descending and Don't Forget are, like, really great tracks that could have been great singles for her. They have the charming 80s vibe without sounding "pastiche" or anything like that. Really wish she could have released them earlier to surf a little, but it's never too late for greatness anyway!

    I associated Masochism (track) with that snippet of "Hold my tongue until I choke" or the "Plan to put my lips on you" and both sound so good.

    There's not a single crumb that isn't just awesome so far. I'd say maybe Legends is my "least favorite" and that's still a 8.75.
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  19. This was randomly stuck in my head today:

  20. Sky Ferreira was the reason I joined PopJustice and to feel that same excitement again all these years later is magic!
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