Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

3PM LA, 6PM NYC, 11PM London.

Instrumentalist: Eduardo Ribeiro, Jeremy Vuernick, Steve Cook
Lyricist: Jorge Elbrecht, Tamaryn Brown, Sky Ferreira
Producer: Jorge Elbrecht, Tamaryn Brown, Sky Ferreira
Mixing/Engineer: Jorge Elbrecht
Mastering/Engineer: Heba Kadry
Studio: Heba Kadry, Jorge Elbrecht

Heba's great, she's the go to when it comes to indie/alternative releases these days. Pitchfork did a big article on her recently, hopefully she's in charge of mastering the album.
I really hope that there's something planned for after today and she don't disappear for 3 more years like with Downhill Lullaby. Even if she don't release the album this year but just keeps us fed with infos, false dates, snippets of songs and teaser of visual she will never release.